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Devi Money Summit 2023
All Call Replays & Special Packages

Gurujee .png

Dr HitteshGurujee

Award-winning healer, author and
media personality

Navratri + Diwali Prayers, Mantras and Rituals

Upma Shrivastava

India’s award-winning Astrologer

Create Abundance from 9 directions and AstroVastu for Money

Original Master; Creator of the Light
Keys Healing System

Money Mastery with Light Keys


Money Multiplying & Magnetising


Chakras and their correlation to Money & Wealth Manifestation

Deepakk Raisinghani

Gifted psychic; Creator of the Third Eye Ascension healing system

Maa Rashcosel Wealth Unlocking System

Janki Ravani

International Happiness Coach
& Somatic Healer

Healing your Relationship with Money &
Befriending Money

Dr Geetanjali Saxena
India's top expert, trained under Dr Brian Weiss

Money Manifestation


Akashic Records + Akashic Tarot Reading for Wealth Creation


Manifest your Dream Money with the Silva Method

Brenda Charu_edited.jpg

Brenda & Charu

Co-Founders of the B&C Miracle Method

PLEASE SIR, can I have some more! A special way to Manifest Money


Tarot card reading to clear your Money blocks & Manifest Wealth Goals


Nidhu B Kapoor

Owner & sharer of the world's fastesthealing modality, The Decrees

You GET Money! TODAY!
Find out how!

15 Oct (Sun)

16 Oct (Mon)

19 Oct (Thu)

18 Oct (Wed)

20 Oct (Fri)

21 Oct (Sat)
(11.11am India)

22 Oct (Sun)

23 Oct (Mon)

24 Oct (Tue)

25 Oct (Wed)

26 Oct (Thu)

29 Oct (Sun)

Kalyaan Kumar Jain.jpg

Releasing Vows related to scarcity of cash

Nehaa Shaah.jpg

Candle Magic and Spells Healing for Money

27 Oct (Fri)

28 Oct (Sat)

Smriti Shivdasani

Life Coach and Transformation Facilitator

Khushaali Gaurrang Somaiya

Guided 5,000+ people within 3 years

Pratima Kumar

Author, Passionate Personal Growth Expert

Selvi Mohanraj

Master Combiner of Tarot with other powerful techniques!

Akshaya Singh Gupta

Certified Yoga Instructor; 20+ years' experience

Kalyaan Kumar Jain

Money Healing Expert

Nehaa Shaah

Candle Magic & Spells Expert

17 Oct (Tue)

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