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Thursday, 7 Oct 2021
11.33am India / 1.03 am CST


Dr HitteshGurujee

Navratri & Diwali Puja

'Don't worship wealth- worship the source!' Ignite your faith with Gurujee's powerful traditional Pujas opted by ten thousands of people all over the world.

Friday, 8 Oct 2021
11.33am India / 1.03 am CST


Khushali Gaurang Somaiya

Money Booster Proxy Switchwords Chanting

Experts chant and YOU make monies!! 1000s of people have recovered monies, received money miracles every day and lots more!

​Saturday, 9 Oct 2021
11.33am India / 1.03 am CST


Veejay Israani

Samruddhi: The Money Workshop

Abundance unlocked! Discover your mutant power, connect with money and change your world forever. 

Sunday, 10 Oct 2021
11.33am India / 1.03 am CST


Siddhii Shaah

5X Money Healing Program

The super-power of 5 awesome money healing modalities to skyrocket your wealth.

Monday, 11 Oct 2021
11.33am India / 1.03 am CST


Dr Geetanjali Saxena

Money Manifestation Workshop

This revolutionary money work by Dr Geetanjali has a waiting-period! Don't miss this edition.

Tuesday, 12 Oct 2021
11.33am India / 1.03 am CST


Brenda & Charu

Becoming ONE with Money

Your money story revealed plus what ancestral pattern you may be carrying! Clear all these lower vibrations and become one with money.

​Wednesday, 13 Oct 2021
11.33am India / 1.03 am CST


Upma Shrivastava

Astro-Vastu for Money

Planets speak, your space reveals! Align your living spaces with MONEY-TREE planetary energies.

Thursday, 14 Oct 2021
11.33am India / 1.03 am CST


Simmin Bawa

Channeled White Magick Money Healings

Magickify those energies of lack and poverty and become an abundance angel with candles, herbs, oils and lots more!

​Friday, 15 Oct 2021
11.33am India / 1.03 am CST


Nidhu B Kapoor

The Dharma of Debt Release

The real reason why you are in debt and what to do about it; the biggest mistake people in debt make - stop this at once! Lots, lots more on this call!

About the Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies

We are the world’s only online destination where we bring together top healers and therapists with their healing services, certified workshops and courses, masterclasses, personal consultations and much more for a healed, healthy and happy You!

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