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Nehaa Shaah

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Light your path to Prosperity with Candle Magic

✔ Powerful candle rituals and spells to manifest your specific intention

✔ From getting an increment to winning a tender - ask for anything!

✔ Option to do the rituals yourself or by Nehaa

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Devi Money Summit 2023

Highlights from the Call

• Click here - Candle spells & rituals- magic with the 5 elements, candle colours and fun with manifestation!

• Click here - Dos & Don’ts of Candle Magic (how you put off the candle matters!)

• Click here - Success story - Found a job without searching in 2 weeks!

• Click here - Candle Magic ritual for abundance and prosperity (join safely with materials below)

• Click here - Success story - Candle Magic benefits a whole family and presents daily miracles

• Click here - Glimpse into a one-on-one session with Nehaa

You can join the Candle ritual safely with Dos & Don'ts and instructions shared by Nehaa

Materials required -

1. Green candle (for prosperity and abundance)
If not green, then white candle will do
2. Matches or a lighter
3. A small piece of unruled paper
4. Green or blue pen or marker

Here's the Candle Spell to be followed -

CANDLE SPELL for Prosperity and Abundance by Nehaa Shaah


I am open to receiving wealth and abundance into my life. Fill my hands with wealth and gold. All you give my hands can hold. 
So be it. So it is.

About Candle Magic for Manifesting Monies

Candle magic is a form of spiritual practice and energy work that harnesses the power of candles to focus intention, manifest desires, and bring about positive changes in one's life. It is a popular and versatile healing modality used by individuals from various spiritual and mystical traditions around the world.

Candle magic, like many forms of magical and metaphysical practices, relies on several principles like transforming with energy vibrations, law of attraction, visualisation, symbolism along with their correspondences and positive affirmations to address money issues and manifest financial abundance.

Nehaa shares this power of intention, energy, and ancient wisdom to create swift and remarkable successes.

Benefits of Candle Magic Healing with Nehaa

★Dissolve blocks, become a Money and opportunity magnet!

★Candle magic aligns your energy to your goals, thus speeding up manifestation

★Clears the road - get clarity and focus on your Money goals

★ Attract happy surprises, good news and windfalls!

Lower your chances of unexpected expenses

★ Experience positivity and freedom - release financial stress and insecurity

★ Hugely enhances your overall financial well-being and holistic health

★Already a Money magnet? Expand - receive more from many more fronts!

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Your Prosperity Expert, Nehaa Shaah


Meet Nehaa Shaah, multi-modality healing expert (also a techno-functional domain expert!).

Nehaa is a certified Quantum healer, Access Bars practitioner, B&C Miracle Method therapist and a skilled Trinity Pendulum therapist and Tarot trainer. She also specialises in utilising transformative tools like Candle Magic, Switchwords, Energy circles and Animal Spirit Guides, among others.

Nehaa’s journey into the mystical began during her college years when she delved into the art of tarot reading, a fascination that only deepened over time. As years unfolded, she continued to expand her knowledge, exploring new modalities. In 2021, she established Switch Vibes, a professional endeavour dedicated to aiding individuals in their journey to raise their vibrations, transform their lives and manifest their deepest aspirations.

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Ph: +91 93220 17119

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