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Nehaa Goyal

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YOUR Inner Shakti - Womb Healing
(Only for Women)

✔ Includes NLP + Womb Wisdom + Numerology

✔ Release Generational wounds

✔ Unlock the Womb as a manifesting miracle

✔ Includes 9 super-potent Numerology MP3s

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Masterclass 2022

Highlights from the Call

Click Here -What is the womb and what is womb healing? Join this mini-workshop on womb and its wonders

Click Here - How to manifest faster? Use this ancient powerful manifestation hack (for women)

Click Here -Live mini-sessions to demonstrate the connection between our internal trauma and numerology

Womb Healing with Nehaa Goyal

It is time that the Divine Feminine rises and be connected with, for the well-being and health of self and family. This is because no one can pour from an empty cup and one woman affects not just herself but her entire family plus generations that are yet to come! Also, it is the feminine energy that allows one creativity and abundance, and everyone deserves abundance.

Womb healing opens up your inner shakti (your divine power) and makes it possible to channelise your feminine energy to its highest potential. This involves energetic and generational healing as well as connection with the womb’s energy and wisdom. Nehaa uses Womb Wisdom + NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) + Numerology to make this healing more customised.

This program is only for women and is exclusively done only by Nehaa! This work helps to live a fulfilled life, in appreciation and awareness of the feminine energy within. Also, to remove or work on removing generational shame and repression of the same. Check out more benefits below.

Fantastic benefits of Womb Healing with Nehaa
Womb Healing WORKSHOP

★ Release generational wounds and trauma

★ Resolve intimacy and hormonal concerns

★ Attract acknowledgment and appreciation

★ Ease with mood swings and any emotions

★ Increased creativity; get unbelievably more done!

★ Open opportunities and abundance

★ Happy relationship with yourself and others

★ Better mental, physical and spiritual health

★ Become fearless, independent, make your own decisions


★ Deeper healing as feminine energies are inter-connected

★  Each others’ journeys result in more insights and healing

★  Contributes to healing of the entire women community

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Nehaa Goyal


Nehaa is an intuitive Tarot Reader, Soul Desire Astrologer, certified DNA Astrologer, and and empowerment coach.

After 15 years of a successful corporate career, Nehaa got an epiphany and she bravely quit her job at the peak to follow her intuition of guiding people to their best life.

As she was always interested in occult sciences and had the gift of intuition, she effortlessly fit into her new path and has ever since led 100s of people to their true joy and highest self.

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Ph: +91 93220 17119

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