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Dr Geetanjali Saxena

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Money Manifestation with ease!

✔ Self-help tool to help double income & more with ease

✔ Includes Mental Bank Exercise & Self-Hypnosis

✔ Just 5 minutes a day to see your life shift 180 degrees!

✔ Bonus clearing & downloads of 25 Money beliefs

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Devi Money Summit 2023

Highlights from the Call

• Click here - Double your income & assets like Dr Geetanjali Saxena WITH EASE!

• Click here - Income 2Xed! Mother of 2 manifests while being at home. Success story of the Money Manifestation workshop by Dr Geetanjali

• Click here - Manifest Your Burning Desire with this! (guided meditation)

• Click here - Drawing analysis & personalised affirmation demos by Dr Geetanjali from Money Manifestation workshop

• Click here - Diwali tip for abundance! Do this on 10-12 Nov 2023 to unlock your destiny

Money Manifestation with Dr Geetanjali Saxena

Money Manifestation workshop is a self-help tool created by Dr Geetanjali to attract monies and raise the vibration of life easily. She has developed this program using important concepts from various healing modalities like Hypnotherapy, Tasso and other energy work.

Across generations of various cultures, man has accumulated a lot of limiting beliefs about money. The Money Manifestation workshop will work to remove the limitations and preconceived notions by way of meditations, affirmations and mental exercises. With these, one will be able to manifest a lot more money in their life and keep it forever.

This works on your mind and helps you create the right perception of wealth needed to manifest your money goals. The mind then generate resources in your outer reality to get you the wealth that your subconscious is creating for you.

This workshop was invented by Dr Geetanjali about 17 years back. It is known to help people earn their desired income or even double it in 12 months. It can help in the process of be used for paying off debts, buying / selling property, growth in business, etc.

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Your Prosperity Expert, Dr Geetanjali Saxena


Dr Geetanjali Saxena is a wellness coach and distinguished therapist trained in multiple modalities with more than two decades of hands-on experience. She is the founder and director of the Institute of Holistic Sciences Mumbai, India which is accredited to IPHM, UK. (IPHM is the accreditation board for holistic complementary alternative therapists, and training providers).

​She has developed the Money Manifestation program using important concepts from various healing modalities like Hypnotherapy, Tasso and other energy work. Dr Geetanjali also has a Ph.D. in Psychotherapy and Counseling from the University of Northeast Virginia. She is a hypnotherapy trainer with California Hypnosis Institute, USA.​

Dr Geetanjali takes her role as a healer and spiritual facilitator seriously. She empowers people to take charge of their life holistically by facilitating them through healing and by teaching them therapies that complement their natural flow of energies.

Dr Geetanjali has helped thousands of people including television and sports personalities overcome challenging situations such as troubled marriages, toxic relationships, and loss loved ones and start afresh.

Dr Geetanjali’s Prestigious International Certifications

• Received Angel therapy training under Diana Cooper and Doreen Virtue

• Certified Trainer under Vianna Stibal, USA, the founder of Theta Healing for Basic and Advanced DNA

• Certified Past Life Regression Therapist and a trainer with Dr Brian Weiss, USA, author of Many Lives, Many Masters

• Certified Transpersonal Regression Therapist by TASSO

• EARTh Certified Professional and Trainer for Inner Child Integration by Trisha Caetano, EARTh

• Trained under Spiritual and Mediumship healer Michaela Adam Horst, Germany

• Trained under Mark Woolly, USA, Family Constellation Therapy

• International member of TASSO Board, Holland

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