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Selvi Mohanraj

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Tarot + Healing to Manifest Your Wealth Goals!

✔ Progress faster with Tarot guidance & healing techniques

✔ Tarot empowered with Chakra Balancing, EFT, Ho'oponopono, etc.

✔ Holistic approach for lasting financial success

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Devi Money Summit 2023

Highlights from the Call

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• Click here - Receive! Tarot reading & EFT for Money blocks. People experienced shifts instantly

• Click here - Selvi told her what NOBODY Could! (life-changing success story)

• Click here - Mini-reading sessions of Tarot reading and remedies with Selvi

• Click here -Tarot guidance and healing with Selvi turned around all areas of her life! (success story)

About Tarot + Other Healing Techniques for Your Abundance

Selvi’s Tarot readings offer profound insights into your current financial circumstances and the underlying influences impacting them. When combined with practices like Pranic Healing and Chakra Balancing, it assists in bringing to light energy obstacles or imbalances that could delay your financial progress.

Selvi’s incorporation of Tarot with techniques such as EFT and Ho'oponopono can reveal and release limiting beliefs and negative emotions associated with Money. These methods tackle emotional and mental barriers that might obstruct your ability to attract wealth and abundance, while Tarot can identify potential roadblocks in your financial journey.

Selvi’s combination of Tarot and these modalities offers a holistic approach to wealth-related issues. It addresses not only the external factors but also the internal, energetic, and emotional aspects of wealth, leading to a more balanced and effective approach to financial success.

Benefits of Tarot Guidance + Multi-modality Healing with Selvi


• Get deep insights on your current situation and underlying factors

​• Foresee potential challenges so you can proactively address them

​• Get information to make better choices

​• Identify Money blocks & patterns​• Release financial stress and anxiety as you gain insights

​• Get unique perspectives encouraging creative solutions​• Know best times for Money decisions or actions​

• Tarot readings can reveal hidden talents, which may lead to financial growth


• Heal past trauma, wounds and failures related to Money

​• Release Money patterns not making your wealth grow

​• Enhance your manifestation​

• Address emotional and mental blocks​

• Clear limiting beliefs and negative emotions related to Money

• Cultivate wealth consciousness and regularly attract financial opportunities​

• The freedom, lightness and abundance permeate in all areas of your life

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Your Prosperity Expert, Selvi Mohanraj


Selvi Mohanraj’s transformation journey began as a working mother immersed in a demanding career. An encounter with pranic healing ignited a deep change within, steering her toward inner peace, mindfulness, and liberation from stress. Inspired by her own growth, she committed to sharing this path with others.

Driven to aid those facing similar challenges, Selvi pursued certification as a Pranic Healer, specialising in Pranic Psychotherapy to address mental and physical well-being. Her journey expanded to include Tarot cards, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Ho'oponopono, enriching her holistic healing practice.

Today, Selvi serves as a tarot life coach and consultant, offering comprehensive holistic healing solutions and mentoring aspiring tarot consultants. Her “Arise n Awake” community provides support, workshops, coaching, and gatherings for profound healing and personal development.

Authoring "21 Days to Rewire Your Mind," Selvi draws from her own experiences to help others combat negativity and self-doubt. With expertise in Tarot Consulting, Pranic Healing, Ho'oponopono Healing, Law of Attraction, Yoga, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Pranic Psychotherapy, Selvi’s mission is to empower women toward entrepreneurship and financial independence.

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