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Dr HitteshGurujee

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Navratri & Diwali Puja

✔ Option for 108 to 1,25,000 Mantras with 10% Havan, Tarpan, Marjan & Bhojan

✔ You don't have to be present. Gurujee's team does all the processes

✔ Puja rituals done across 35 Days for YOUR specific intention!

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Devi Money Summit 2023

Highlights from the Call

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About Navratri & Diwali Puja with Gurujee

The Navratri Diwali festival season starts from 15th October 2023 and Gurujee’s team will be performing puja for divine blessings in multiple areas of life. The grand auspicious puja is done for a span of 35 days (from Navratri to Diwali) in Mumbai. Gurujee’s team will chant 108, 1,008, 10,008 or 1,25,000 mantras (as chosen by the participant) for each participant individually & 10% Havan, Tarpan, Marjan and Bhojan will be performed for each one.

Whatever you are looking for, can get manifested if you adopt all the 4 rituals (Havan, Tarpan, Marjan & Bhojan)

It is possible to do a puja for the entire family. However, it is recommended that the puja be done for one person at a time in all its power.

How does it work?

A Sankalp (intention) is to be taken by you (person who wants to get the puja done) with one of Gurujee’s team mentors on a call. You will have to keep an almond and water for the Sankalp. Once the puja is done you will be asked to eat the almond. The mantras, havan, tarpan and marjan will be done by the mentor on behalf of you. Only the bhojan will be done by you to complete the process of the puja.

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Your Prosperity Expert, Dr HitteshGurujee


Dr HitteshGurujee is a Ph.D. in social sciences and an award-winning practitioner of Astrology, Numerology, Sawaroday, Vastu Shastra, Aura & Chakra cleansing and many more modalities (listed below). His accomplishments have earned him nine consecutive years as the Best Astrologer awarded by India’s AYUSH mantralaya. His extensive media presence spans Indian and international channels, both on television and radio.

Dr HitteshGurujee is known for his extraordinary abilities, which include the power to perceive AURAs, FAIRIES, and ANGELS, as well as the capacity to heal others. He advocates for a holistic approach to life and leverages his deep knowledge of human science and spiritual scriptures to help people find solutions to their challenges.

His expertise also includes Face reading, Palmistry, Dream analysing, Past Life Regression (PLR), Tantra, Yoga & Meditation, Color therapy, Kundalini & Chakra activation, Mantra, Yantra, Mudras, Vedas, Upanishads, Ganpati Kriya, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Maha Maya Mandal, Aadesh Course, and more. Dr. Sri HitteshGurujee is also a published author, with books such as "Puja of Sri Yantra & Laxmi," "Navagraha Remedies for Nine Planets," "Aura," and "An Appointment with Yourself" to his credit.

In Kolkata, Gurujee’s NGO operates a school, educating over 75 underprivileged children and providing vocational training for a brighter future. Gurujee is also overseeing the construction of an Ashram in Kasara, near Mumbai, which holds spiritual significance.

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