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Deepakk Raisinghani

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Maa Rashcosel Wealth Unlocking System

✔ Comprehensive healing upto the cellular level

✔ Includes chakra, nadi (energy centres) and 5 elements healing

✔ Feel lighter, happier, more confident PLUS manifest your intentions with ease!

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Devi Money Summit 2023

Highlights from the Call

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• Click here - Know Your 14 Nadis (Energy Centres) & Their Functions

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• Click here - From a hard fall to partying in a few hrs PLUS more successes with Deepakk's Maa Rashcosel healing

About Maa Rashcosel Wealth Unlocking System

Our body has various capabilities and abundance but due to our fears and past failures and others' failures, we tend to limit ourselves. These fears and emotional baggage become solidified by our failures, other people’s opinions and our own beliefs.

Because of this, some of us have little or no faith in ourselves. Also, our energies are not in balance. As a result, we will get demotivated as and when some hurdle comes up or we’ll keep making mistakes. We don’t realise that this will lead to further delays, distress and stress causing to stall projects.

Maa Rashcosel Abundance Unlocking system channelled by Deepakk works on the mind, body and soul levels. It heals the chakras, nadis (energy centres) and also works on the 5 elements.

It helps release all beliefs and subconscious blocks for receiving and giving. Then, the fresh energies are settled by impregnating into a person’s system and their senses by clearing the chakras and balancing the feminine and masculine energies. Once this balance is restored, the person has clarity of thought and vision for the next steps. A whole new world of opportunities, Monies, clients and abundance of prosperity opens up in all areas of life.

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Your Prosperity Expert, Deepakk Raisinghani


Deepakk Raisinghani is a born intuitive solution-oriented healer. He is a trauma healer, inner child healing specialist, chakra healer and spirit and entity-clearing expert. In fact, Deepakk has developed his own 9 (and counting) powerful modalities including - Third eye ascension course, Akasa Abhilekhyam, and Antaha Santati Ropana (trauma-busting inner child healing). He has also downloaded close to 100 new energies for the progress of Earth energies.

Deepakk has had a roller-coaster life in which he learned his lessons going in and out of addictions, imbalances, anxiety, bouts of depression, and total blankness on his goals. He moved on from his corporate career towards his Soul/Life Path to release clutter and darkness from his life and help others with the same. Deepakk’s passion is to help people come out of their comfort zone, heal, fly and achieve abundance.

 He has helped over 5,000 people with health issues, depression, dark energies/entities, block clearing, relationship healing, and many more. And over 1,000 people have learnt his courses and elevated their healing journey and career.

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Ph: +91 93220 17119

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