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✔ Become a thorough Akashic Records Practitioner

✔ Elevate your life and career with Dr Geetanjali's insights from her 20+ year-experience

✔ 1-year support and free revision

✔ Option for Akashic Records personal session

Dr Geetanjali Akashic Masterclass 2022

Dr Geetanjali Saxena

✔ Learn to read charts, analyse and more

✔ Remedies for self and others 

✔ Detailed yet simple to learn and apply

✔ Option of personal consultation available

Upma Astro Masterclass 2022

Upma Shrivastava

✔ Become a Practitioner (for self & others)

✔ Do prediction and speed up manifestation

✔ Previous knowledge of Tarot not required!

✔ Options of Group & Personal Tarot Spells

Dr Geetanjali Tarot Masterclass 2022

Dr Geetanjali Saxena

✔ All-encompassing healing & cleansing combo

✔ Become a certified master

✔ Get call recordings, ecertificate, PDF notes

✔ Option - healing sessions for health & wealth

Siddhii Shaah Dragon Masterclass 2022

Siddhii Shaah

✔ 5X Money Healing with 5 Techniques

✔ Become a Money Reiki Trainer

✔ Manifest with Money Siddhii

✔ Benefits noticed while the sessions are on!

Siddhii Shaah Money Masterclass 2022

Siddhii Shaah

✔ Power-packed Certified Workshop

✔ Get call recordings, notes, group support, etc.

✔ Don’t Miss the Powerful All-inclusive Syllabus 

✔ Level 2 includes Automatic writing with Angels + Mediumship

Siddhii Shaah Angel Masterclass 2022

Siddhii Shaah

✔ Includes NLP + Womb Wisdom + Numerology

✔ Release Generational wounds

✔ Unlock the Womb as a manifesting miracle

✔ Includes 9 super-potent Numerology MP3s

Nehaa Goyal Woman Masterclass 2022

Nehaa Goyal

✔ Become a Money Reiki Healer & Trainer

✔ Heal & Manifest with Money Siddhii

✔ BONUS: 21 Days Remote Money Reiki Healings

✔ WhatsApp support, Free Revision & More!

Siddhii Shaah MoneyReiki Masterclass 2022

Siddhii Shaah

✓ Personalised 3-step Process with Lalita Maa Energies
✓ For Wealth, Money & Any Resource You Need for a Fulfilling Life
✓ Announcing New batch: Third Eye Ascension Course
✓ Course updated with Lalita Maa Chapter!

Deepakk LalitaMaa Masterclass 2022

Deepakk Raisinghani

✔ Effortless, effective, economical!

✔ Safe with no side effects

✔ For emergencies, babies, elderly, etc.

✔ Options - Professional courses, Personal Consult

Veejay Israani Bachflowers Masterclass 2023

Veejay Israani

✔ Power of 2 Divination Techniques Together! 

✔ Charm Casting can be practised by itself!

✔ Options - Professional courses, Personal Consult

✔ Courses loaded with Bonuses & support

Binita Rege Masterclass 2023

Binita Rege

✔ Master Alpha-state to overcome all challenges

 ✔ Solve problems in your sleep

✔ Heal relationships without letting others know

✔ 10x the power of affirmations & switchwords

Sachin Bangera Masterclass 2023

Sachin Bangera

✔ Heal all trauma at cellular level

✔ Heal all past years of your life 

✔ Unblock health, abundance, relationships

✔ Options - Personal session and Practitioner's course

Deepakk Inner Child Masterclass 2023

Deepakk Raisinghani

✔ Learnings includes 2 healing techniques! 

✔ Bonus Spiritual Discourse Workshop & More

✔ Receive attunement, PDF notes & replays

✔ Personal Session - Remedies + Remote Healing

Dr Sri Vijaya Akashic Masterclass 2023

Dr Sri Vijaya

✔ Clearing, protection, manifestation & more!

✔ Learn or opt for personal sessions

✔ Also, group sessions for all-round clearing

Siddhii Shaah MahaKali Masterclass 2023

Siddhii Shaah

✔ Become a professional or choose personal session

✔ Double impact with Astro-Numerology 

✔ Receive personalised remedies in session 

✔ Course includes support, PDF notes, e-certificate

Dr Geetanjali Astro-numero Masterclass 2023

Dr Geetanjali Saxena

✔ Akashic Records Boosted with Cord-cutting & Angel Healing

✔ Choose from private consultation or professional course

✔ Get WhatsApp support, Healing MP3s & more! 

✔ Course includes 7 cleansing processes, attunements & more!

Deepakk Cord-cutting Masterclass 2023

Deepakk Raisinghani

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The real reason why you are in debt and what to do about it; the biggest mistake people in debt make - stop this at once! Lots, lots more on this call!

Nidhu B Kapoor Money Summit 2021

Nidhu B Kapoor

Simmin Bawa Money Summit 2021

Simmin Bawa

Planets speak, your space reveals! Align your living spaces with MONEY-TREE planetary energies.

Upma Money Summit 2021

Upma Shrivastava

Your money story revealed plus what ancestral pattern you may be carrying! Clear all these lower vibrations and become one with money.

Brenda & Charu Money Summit 2021

Brenda & Charu

This revolutionary money work by Dr Geetanjali has a waiting-period! Don't miss this edition.

Dr Geetanjali Money Summit 2021

Dr Geetanjali Saxena

The super-power of 5 awesome money healing modalities to skyrocket your wealth.

Siddhii Shaah Money Summit 2021

Siddhii Shaah

Abundance unlocked! Discover your mutant power, connect with money and change your world forever.

Veejay Israani Money Summit 2021

Veejay Israani

Experts chant and YOU make monies!! 1,000s of people have recovered monies, received money miracles every day and lots more!

Khushaali Money Summit 2021

Khushaali Gaurrang Somaiya

'Don't worship wealth- worship the source!' Ignite your faith with Gurujee's powerful traditional Pujas opted by ten thousands of people all over the world.

Dr HitteshGurujee Money Summit 2021

Dr HitteshGurujee

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