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Dr Sri Vijaya

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Akashic Records Reading & Healing

✔ Learnings includes 2 healing techniques!

✔ Bonus Spiritual Discourse Workshop & More

✔ Receive attunement, PDF notes & replays

✔ Personal Session - Remedies + Remote Healing

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Masterclass 2023

Highlights from the Call

Click Here - Akashic Records - meaning & benefits explained in detail by Dr Vvijee

Click Here - Karma & Akashic Records - do they affect each other? Find out with Dr Vvijee

Click Here - Past lifetimes visited in these mini-sessions of Akashic Records with Dr Vvijee

Click Here - Mega manifestations after Akashic Records reading & learning with Dr Vvijee

Click Here - Heal Karma Daily with this powerful guided process by Akashic Records expert, Dr Vvijee

Click Here - Instantly change life perspective with this tip by Akashic Records expert, Dr Vvijee


CLICK HERE to watch Call Replay 2

Highlights from Call Replay 2

Click Here - Does rewriting Akashic Records impact soul negatively? What is cord clearing?Find out with Dr Vvijee

Click Here - Heal Yourself with Violet Flame Healing process shared by Akashic Records expert, Dr Vvijee

About Akashic Records

Imagine Akashic records as an immense photographic film which registers all our desires, wishes & experiences on Earth! And hey, it includes everything, right from each human being’s life experiences of each lifetime to the karmas performed since the beginning of time & space. The records are Our soul’s blueprint, which shows the essence of our journey.

The records are in a vibrational form, in the fifth dimension holding pure wisdom, information & knowledge. It doesn’t contain any negativity or meanness of any sort.


Akashic records give us an insight into the cause of our present life events, deep fears, unconscious limitations & many more issues which may not have a specific reason. Understanding these can help us resolve our current life challenges, be it health, relationships, career & even repetitive patterns.

Get answers to ‘WHY’ you are facing a certain issue, the karmic deeds of our past lives leading to this issue & guidance with simple remedies to bring in immediate & quick transformations!

Fantastic Benefits of Akashic Records with Dr Vvijee

★ Access your Akashic Records!

★ Get answers to all your ‘Why’ questions​

★ Heal health & relationship issues to even career & property issues with Akashic Records

★ Heal past life issues thereby healing your present!

★ Understand which karmic deed is leading to your current life experience!

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Siddhii Shaah


Dr Vvijee K S is a born clairvoyant and has been a spiritual healer for over a decade. Since childhood, she has had a strong urge to pursue spiritual growth and help others. So she has been guiding people with electro Homeopathy, Akashic Record Reading, Yoga, Tarot, Prana Violet, Lama Fera, perceptional healing, Angel healing, switchwords and many more healing techniques.

Since Dr Vvijee was intuitive since her childhood, she used to have visions, 99 percent of which would be accurate. She has also accurately predicted health concerns in her family. She soon realised that she has unknowingly been reading Akashic records all her life. So after going through multiple health concerns herself, Dr Vijayalaxmi took it up to help herself and others with her divine gift.

There are remarkable stories of how many of Dr Vvijee's  clients’ lives have completely transformed after her Akashic readings and healings.

She also does voluntary service of empowering children. Dr Vijayalaxmi believes that the simple techniques of acceptance and forgiveness can make any issue disappear from our lives.

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Ph: +91 93220 17119

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