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Nidhu B Kapoor

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The Dharma of Debt Release

The real reason why you are in debt and what to do about it; the biggest mistake people in debt make - stop this at once! Lots, lots more on this call!

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Money Summit 2021

Highlights from the Call

Click Here - What is the real meaning of debt? Nidhu B Kapoor explains. It is way beyond only money!

Click Here - Understand misogyny with the captivating story of Maa Durgaa destroying Mahishasura

Click Here - RECEIVE! Powerful clearing with just 2-letter word,feel free instantly with Decrees by Nidhu B Kapoor

Click Here - Debt energies down from 60 to 10% IN1MINUTE! Experience magic of Number Decrees with Nidhu B Kapoor


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The Dharma of debt Release with Nidhu

Debt is extreme stuckness and blockedness. And once we are stuck, we are not in the flow. If we are not in the flow, everything we are dealing with becomes chronic and a crisis.​

Most people think the answer to debt is winning the jackpot and so chase an impossible dream. Debt only attracts more debt, as anyone in debt will tell you. Debt is a blind spot for many in the sense that they don’t realise that debt is not a cause, it is a symptom. The moment we understand that, we will look at debt very differently.

Like treating a surface wound without realising that the entire system is infected. We keep trying to plant a new tree without realising that the soil is damaged.​

The root cause for debt are a mix of many roots, but there is one primary root that we need to pull out completely - misogyny.

Misogyny is the belief that women are inferior to men and exist only to be in service or pleasure of men and must not have a mind of their own. Comes from a deep mistrust, hatred of women.The degree of misogyny in the family determines your money flows. The more the misogyny, the less the money flows.

What Debt really is 
A symptom, not a cause
A family wound of misogyny 
A fear of money/the new/feeling good
Refusal to apply the law of attraction
Extreme stuckness - repetitive behavior
A 3D form of destructive control 
Separation from God, grace, faith and surrender​Top five symptoms of stuckness in debt
Denial of the misogyny in the family 
You do not know you are stuck - you think the money is
You would rather die than change direction
You believe the outer reality is NOT a reflection of your inner 
No real commitment to paying off debt​

If there is no commitment to paying off debt, money will not come. In fact, you will have money taken from you.

Fantastic Features of the 'Mission Possible' Program with Nidhu

★ Work with the 20 Dharmas of debt release

★ Post your daily results and get an opportunity to get Rs 1000/USD 13 every weekend!

★ Keep getting unstuck in seconds daily

★ Feel better and good about yourself IN MINUTES

★ Acknowledge small wins

★ Daily practice leads to excellence

★ Make working with money your muscle memory

★ Adapt The Decrees to your specific situation

★ Enhance your psychic powers to receive money messages

★ Get the support you need (especially for clearing debt)

★ Understand yourself more (what fun!)

★ Borrowing Benefits on calls

★ Deep Dive to AHA moments

★ Group AND individual percentage readings on calls for misogyny, stuckness and guilt

★ The joy of live clearings on calls!

★ Clear The Apsara curse that holds beautiful women back

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Nidhu B Kapoor


Nidhu is the only money worker we know of who promises results in seconds! Either you will get money or you will get a money message! Be it unexpected monies, gifts, treats, compliments or business opportunities, tax refunds, lottery wins or a money message, you will get something! In fact, we have people who get money on the call itself!

Her work is one of the simplest, easiest, empowering, fastest and funnest to do in the world! It uses the best of western science and eastern wisdom to bring you some great results! If you have never experienced The Decrees before, get ready for some life changing shifts! And if you have experienced them, you know how profound they are and how fast they work! And how simple this word technology is.

Nidhu is definitely one of the top 10 most successful healers in India and is also one of the few people we know who has worked with cases of debt. She gets us deep into the real reason we land in debt (and why we may be at risk), the mistakes we make in debt and of course, how to get out of debt.

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