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Siddhii Shaah

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Dragon Reiki + White Dragon Reiki

✔ All-encompassing healing & cleansing combo

✔ Become a certified master

✔ Get call recordings, ecertificate, PDF notes

✔ Option - healing sessions for health & wealth

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Masterclass 2022

Highlights from the Call

Click Here - What are Dragons? What all can they do and heal? Siddhii Shaah reveals.

Click Here - What are the different types of Dragons and their functions? Find out with Siddhii Shaah.

Click Here - How powerful are dragon healing energies? Watch pain reduce within minutes with Siddhii’s healing.

Click Here - Dragon Reiki healing for Wish Fulfilment. Experience it with Siddhii Shaah.

Click Here - Multiple uses of Dragon Reiki. Look at what all is possible after leaning this powerful healing modality.

Click Here - Why should you learn Dragon Reiki? See how it’s highly recommended.

Dragon Reiki + White Dragon Reiki

Dragon spirits are a source of powerful energies filled with love, peace and transformation. They are beings of high frequency that help in various forms of enlightenment. Dragons are mighty in protection, vision, luck, power and strength. They help you tune into the divine frequency of love, freedom, upliftment and magical encounters. The different types of Dragons that exist are Fire Dragons, Earth Dragons, Air Dragons and Water Dragons.

Dragon healing works for anybody willing to receive divine support. Connecting and working with Dragon spirits on a regular basis support tremendously during transition and in faster manifestation of life’s desires.

Look at the different applications of Dragons around us -

The ascending and descending lunar nodes in a horoscope are also called the Dragon points; the power lines of Earth, the leyline, are called Dragon tracks. the energy points of the body, which are used for acupuncture, are called Dragon points.

Dragons are mighty powers, and we have them within us too. The more we follow Earth's Dragon tracks, the more we unfold our inner power and strength. It is important to know how to use, steer and control the power we have for our higher goals. Anybody who is not in awareness of this power can get easily swayed by external circumstances. In Dragon Reiki, we try to connect with all our powers.

Benefits of Dragon Reiki + White Dragon Reiki

Dragon Reiki is all encompassing healing

★ Healing emotional wounds

★ Healing physical illness

★ Works on thought patterns

★ Upping the energy

★Faster manifestation, and lots more!

White Dragon Reiki is a super-powerful cleanser

★  It specifically works to release and remove all kinds of negative influence, cords, tumours, illnesses, etc.

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Siddhii Shaah


Siddhii is a gifted Psychic Medium, Spiritual Mentor, and a well-known professional spiritual healer. Actively practising for more than 5 years, Siddhii’s expertise lies in understanding and interpreting an individual's psychic energies with guidance from Angels, Dragon Spirits, Goddesses and other celestial beings.

Siddhii's journey began early, at the age of 16, when she began interpreting dreams and performing Reiki. She believes that she was destined to be a healer. Moving from her career in media, Siddhii pursued Psychic and Dragon Spirits Energy Healing to improve the spiritual life of those around her, full time. Today she provides these services and more at Yana's Healing Studio. 

Siddhii has been a recipient of numerous awards and accolades for her work as a psychic healer. She has secured the titles of Reiki Grandmaster, Lama Fera Grandmaster, Magnified Healing (registered mark) practitioner teacher. Besides these, she has also received an award for her work with the seven dimensions.

Siddhii has also successfully healed premature babies, pregnancy complexities, skin and hair issues, money healing, weight reduction, besides providing psychic healing empowerment to fellow healers.

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