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Meet Akashic Records - Your Key to Past, Present, and Future

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

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Today, let me introduce you to my new google! While everyone’s crazy about the plethora of information on Chat GPT, I have the timeless wisdom of Akashic Records as my guide to all answers!

Want to know why?

Read along and I hope you find something really fascinating too like I did!

The book of life aka The Akashic Records is an energetic library in the 6th plane of existence, protected by Masters, Guides and Divine beings. This is the place where all the actions we have done in all the lifetimes our soul has lived on earth are stored. Can you imagine the data?!

But why do you need all of this data? Let me tell you this with a story from my life.

I was recently having a very bad stomach ache but home remedies and a few regular meds didn’t work, so I decided to ask my family doctor about it. He made me run through a few tests.

Later, he diagnosed it with some allergic reaction to a food item I recently tried.

This got me thinking, if general meds don’t work for everything and a doctor diagnosis is needed to understand the hidden root cause, why don’t we explore the real root of our financial or relationship issues too, instead of superficially working on it?

And my search found a direction at an Akashic Records Masterclass hosted by The Mystic Lotus AWESOME! Healers Training Summit with an expert, Shveta Sharma!

She explained that to diagnose the root of our problems, we should explore on a soul level, who we were, the patterns playing out, our past lives and our truth.

And guess what’s one of the best tools for it?

Akashic Records!

It’s not just about exploring the real cause, but more about understanding things from a higher, Divine perspective that’s different and healing! But what’s more amazing is that we can access the Records with learning and practice, enhancing our intuition and psychic powers along.

If you do feel called to do so, you can check out what Shveta has to offer here.

But there’s one doubt that we all have about Akashic Records at some point in our lives and that’s about protection.

Are we protected? Is it safe? Is it our mind or the Divine? And many more…

Fear is not our truth, our need for protection is just a perception. So, if you constantly feel unsafe or a constant need of protection, that’s the signal you are sending to the Universe. It makes fear our reality.

But we don’t want it, right? I have been through it and it took me months as I struggled to come out of it but that’s not how much it should take you!

Here’s why - Experience a guided journey by Shveta to receive Akashic protection here.

P.S. Some side effects are feeling balanced and connected with the energy of Divine beings ;)

Mine was an experience beyond words, but tell us yours too in the comments section.

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And see you soonest!




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