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Access the Akashic realm with a deck of Cards!

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Holaaa Peoples!

Do you wonder how sometimes our energies go low and we feel negative about things around us and that affects us but you cannot do anything about it as you feel low? I was facing this too last week as no matter how much I tried I was feeling low emotionally and even a bit sad but I couldn’t do anything to get out of that situation.

Feeling dejected, I just prayed for some guidance to come to me so I could get out of this loop of low & negative energies, and Voila! I received the invite to join a call hosted by The Mystic Lotus AWESOME! HEALthier Be! Summit for Akashic records & Akashic Tarot for your health with Khushaali Gaurrang Somaiya. This felt like a sign from the Universe and I decided to attend!

And sometime into the call I realised why I was guided to attend! Khushaali took all of us through a powerful meditation channelled from the Akashic realm for everyone’s health that helps you release pain, low energies, negativity and MORE. I was shocked and surprised at how fast it affected me as I started to just feel better, happier and emotionally calm in just a few minutes, something that I was struggling with since days.

You can try it too here

But this call wasn’t just a meditation but about the infinite library that holds all about earth! All of our soul’s journeys are written in that energetic library from all the lifetimes we’ve ever lived! Isn’t it so cool?!

But what was even more fascinating was that this entire record of each soul can be accessed with a deck of 62 cards! And what’s even more great is that for some of us who don’t connect with the process of meditations, these cards are a way to access the library with the vivid imagery and meaning of the cards.

The one question that all of us think about is to know when will our situations get better, when will it get resolved, but do you know the answers Akashic records help you with?

It's not about the ‘When’ but ‘Where are you in Present, What action is required to heal it at a soul level to manifest all that you desire!’

And hey! Since you’ve reached until here, there’s a message for your health channelled from the Akashic Tarot deck by Khushaali, check it out here

Until then, if you’d like to know more about Akashic Tarot, you can read our earlier blog here

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