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A Deck of Cards to Access Past, Present & Future? Yes, It's possible with Akashic Tarot!

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Hello Beautiful souls!!

I am here to share something new but before that, I'll fulfill my promise & share the perspective I received from my angels on my exhibition journey I was speaking about in the earlier blog, My dream of having a celebrity to buy my products was fulfilled as an RJ (won’t name for privacy reasons) bought something from my stall.. It gave me a different perspective and after that guidance from angels, I feel much more hopeful and happy!

Indeed, even a small nudge or guidance from our spirit guides or our family & friends can help us so much in feeling positive and peaceful!

Just today, I felt I had to call my bestie as I was having a feeling that she’s having a bad day, and just as she picked up, she was almost on the verge of crying because she had a fight with one of her colleagues who was trying to gain from her hard work. She just asked me how is it that we always just know that we need to talk, even though we are in different cities?

And this got me thinking about so many situations where we just feel comfortable sharing everything! ( Our teachers in school would call us soul sisters as we even look a bit similar🙈)

Do you have someone too with whom you just connect and that person understands you better than you yourself?

Like there is just some telepathy going on and the other person knows what you would say before you even say?

And this got me thinking on how, with some people, we feel happy and optimistic while some others feel like toxic bonds..

But why, there must be a reason why we connect with some people and not all! There must be some tie bringing us together!

Have you ever thought on why did you fall in love with that special one? What pulled you towards him/her? What was that unexplainable force attracting you to each other?

But at the same time, not all things are rosy and there are some relationships which people say are karmic. We just can’t move away easily, as we have some lessons from past lives to learn.

By knowing the reasons behind these soul ties, we can make better choices, understand our karmic bonds and heal our lives.

But the question in my mind was about how to get this information? I mean there’s no library I can go to and search for my past stories or experiences right?

But I was wrong.

There is a multidimensional energetic library known as the Akashic Records which has answers to everything about the universe.

Akashic Records with Akashic Tarot can give us answers on all the ‘Why’ questions we have in life.

Why did you meet your ex? Why did that relationship not work? Why do I have so many blocks in my career? The Akashic realm holds answers to all such questions and more.

I never knew about this amazing modality, Akashic Tarot! So I thought I’ll share my experience of knowing about it with all of you who, like me, did not know about Akashic Tarot or even if you do, it might be great to have some new insights on this amazing divination technique!

I had a chance to know about this beautiful and empowering modality through a live zoom call hosted by The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies with an expert named, Khushaali Gaurrang Somaiya!

Akashic Tarot is a deck of 62 cards and each card vibrates on the frequencies of the Akashic realm, connecting you instantly with the forces of Akashic!

It’s almost like having an entire universe in a deck of cards, isn’t it so cool?

I was lucky to have a glimpse of these beautiful cards on the call as Khushaali showed it to us! The imagery was so otherworldly, it just made me fall in love with them!

You know, most of us are visual people, the sense we make the most use of is our Eyes! We remember what we see and so we don’t easily forget it.. No wonder, why a lot of people start their journey into the world of spirituality and occult sciences through a deck of cards! ( The classic Rider Waite Tarot!)

This is exactly what I liked about Akashic Tarot, because when you connect with the meanings of each card, you can actually read your records with just a deck of cards! An interesting way to access the Akashic realm if meditation is not for you.

Now with the Akashic Tarot, we can know about the reason behind our issues, but clearing them is still a question as knowing is never enough.

Imagine someone telling you that the reason for your financial problems is a soul contract as a part of your karma which is stopping you from making money.

But is just knowing the problem always enough?

In fact, it’s the start of something so profound, the healing of those wounds, and just clearing them off, it’s finally being Free, from that hurt, that pain, that memory and finally bringing in the joy we need in life!

And that’s exactly what I liked about the call, as Khushaali gave a very powerful guided process to heal one particular soul contract of our lives which we can heal right now ( by surrendering to what the Divine wants us to clear)

And I asked Lord Ganesha to heal that issue in my life which is important for my highest good, And I surrendered and let him take charge over this healing!

And It was simply amazing, I just can’t put in words my experience, I got a healing for my Finances, and the most amazing thing was that I got some unexpected money in my account within a few days of doing this! And not just this, I even received an idea on how I can make more money!

It was really sweet of her to keep that energy of the healing active in the replay on youtube as well, because I then asked my family to experience this magic too!

If you want to experience it too, click here and experience a powerful cleansing!

Do write in the comments section below about your experience too!

Also, what would you ask the Akashic Records to tell you?

My first question would be about how my past life is influencing me in this life!

Think about yours and share it with me!!

Like, Love and share if this blog helped you in any way and do share your views!!

Spreading Love, Light & stars,



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