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Afraid of Karmas? Make Akashic Records Your Friend

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Holaaa Peoples!!

Have you ever heard of the story our elders would tell us about God having a biiiiiig book with him where he writes everything that we do, both good & bad; so he can reward us for the good & teach us on the bad with punishments.

Right from lying about that extra cookie we took more than our siblings to the good deed to helping a friend, all of it is written in that book!

I’ve grown up hearing it! Have you?

Earlier, I would think of this as a story that’s used to teach small children to do good deeds, help others & develop good habits. But, little did I know, this book has a place in the 5D, the energy field of Akasha where this book of life holds every detail about our soul from the lifetimes we’ve lived!

But wait, did you, like me, think this holds knowledge about just us humans?

That’s the twist!

The Akashic Records hold pure wisdom & knowledge about souls, animals, plants, properties & more!

Having a deep interest in the Akashic records, I came across a masterclass on ‘Learn Akashic records to heal lifetimes’ by Dr.Vvjie only on The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies. Trust me, this masterclass was filled with innate knowledge of this divine modality, powerful demonstrations & the wisdom of Dr.Vvjie!

But how can Akashic help us?

Knowing this would be easier once we know what it means!

Akasha is the energetic force; a library which holds every information about every single non visible object or living beings as small as bacteria to as big as humans & properties. All of this is accessible to us in our subconscious memory but is inaccessible to us consciously.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t access it. Our soul can access it because we all have intuition. We have the key to this Divine wisdom & when Dr.Vvijee emphasised on the importance of being in Gratitude to connect to the Akashic realm, I just realised how important it is!

You know our soul has a history & we may have lived anywhere from 3000 to 7000 lifetimes!!😳 And now just imagine if we have lived so many lifetimes then how many actions we might have performed & not to mention some were good & some bad too. But all of those lifetimes may not affect us in the present. And Akashic can help us understand those lifetimes which are affecting our present, the karmas that can be healed! We choose a set of karmas (Prarabhdha karmas- this is a Sanskrit term that means from all the karmas we have accumulated from past lives, we choose a part of them) to heal in this life & that’s our blueprint of this lifetime!

But a major question remains, how to heal them? You know we have all heard about healing so much that oftentimes we don’t understand how it happens. So how does healing happen with Akashic records?

The Akasha is an unconditional space, with the eye opening understanding of the Sanchita karmas, how they are affecting us & what is the lesson our soul needs to learn from it helps us solve a part of the problem.

But what solves the major part of the problems?

2 simple yet profound words - Forgiveness & Acceptance!

By acknowledging that we have done something that is coming back to us through this particular issue has super wondrous effects on us. To accept our flaws is not easy but nonetheless an important step in healing. Once we accept & seek forgiveness/ give forgiveness to the souls we may have unknowingly or knowingly harmed or vice versa, the Karma gets cleared.

You know I’ve heard this saying that Karma is to feel something emotionally, to feel the pain, the hurt or the happiness, joy & love we have given others in some lifetime!

I have understood it like this:

When we watch a movie, we literally feel the emotions of a character; we may have never fallen in love but watching a character fall in love, we feel the emotions too; it’s like we live those emotions, those butterflies in the stomach when the hero proposes to his ladylove, right?

In that way, when we go through the emotions we may have made a soul go through in some life, we understand the consequences of our actions. With this, we would know how it would feel to be in the receiving shoe too & when we do, we genuinely apologize & healing happens!

I hope this helps you understand too!

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With this, I’d like to share something really beautiful with you, a key to heal daily accumalated karmas.

Yepp, you read it right!

A powerful process to help you clear your daily accumulated karmas that Dr.Vvijee took us through! When I first did it, I felt calmer, lighter & even energetic post doing it & I would love for you to experience the same!🌷

Do try it out & share your experience in the comments section below or if you would like to to ask something, feel free to email us here.

Until then, Happy Karma Cleansing🌟🌟 And hey! Don’t forget to Like this blog & share it with your loved ones too! 🌷

Lots of Love & Stars,



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