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Divination with Cartomancy 101: Explore your Playing Cards to receive Divine guidance!

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

cartomancy 101, divination with cartomancy
cartomancy 101

Helloo beautiful souls!!

In India, card games are a huge part of celebrations like Diwali & I’ve grown up watching my family enjoy these games! BTW, How do you associate card games from your childhood? I'm pretty sure you would have an interesting game that you would love to play with your playing cards! Do share them in the comments section!

But, Do you think you know all about these cards?

Because I can bet most of you don’t know THIS about your Playing Cards! I didn't too which is why I'd love to share this with you.

Did you know?

Your Playing Cards can reveal your Future, provide Divine guidance, remedies & much more!

In fact, in the ancient ages, people would secretly use these playing cards through games to understand the personality of potential partners during meetings for marriage setups!

Isn't this really cool?

I know you are surprised too! I am pretty sure you didn’t know this Secret of the simple looking cards! Even I didn’t until recently, when I came across a Live Call on Cartomancy: Divine Fun with Playing Cards!

Yes! Your Playing Cards are your Divination tool to receive Divine guidance, timelines, answers & much more!

But there was one doubt I had & I am sure you too would have it reading this! How & when were they invented? And why do we not know about its Divination?

And I got this answer by Neelam Gheewala, the expert on the Mystic Lotus Awesome! Divination Shakti Virtual Summit on the call I was earlier speaking about! And I’d love to share that with you too!

These were invented in 9th Century China with the only intent of playing for fun but there was something about this that caught the attention of wise monks. The monks are known to have significant knowledge about the planets, elements & the metaphysical universe! Now, with this they started to decode these cards as they felt there was some connection or symmetry between the cards coming out & the personality of people! And this is how they gave rise to the idea of Divination with the playing cards. They even reduced them to 52 cards from a whooping 118 cards & added the Joker blessing!

Now doesn’t it make much more sense on why they were used secretly to know about marriage prospects & much more?

But I was still unsure of how Cartomancy can help in predictions or guidance as unlike Tarot, Lenormand or other oracle decks, they don’t really have much imagery.

But, there’s definitely something about it which came to light & I was really surprised to know them!

Take a guess! See if any of the things you thought are here.

The color of the cards, whether black or red, play a huge role in predicting yes/No answers

Also many black cards in a reading can show us that we’re not on the right path.

The number on each card is also holding great importance in predictions.

Finally, the design or the element, viz spade, heart, diamond & clubs!

And each of these have a particular meaning & once understood or rather decoded, the secrets of your Past, Present and Future can be revealed! How cool & intriguing this is!

Ohh, I bet you didn’t know this, your Playing Cards are actually a calendar!


Guess what, we have 52 weeks in a year & there are 52 cards in a Cartomancy deck! If you would want more about your new calendar, check this out!

Testimonials play an important role in creating a feeling of trust & I was personally convinced of this power when one of Neelam’s students shared that the cards guided her friend against a business deal as she would be cheated on which proved right in just 10 days.

I realized one thing with this call, that our playing cards aren't just for fun, they hold an ancient wisdom and science which is phenomenal.

Cartomancy can answer or guide you on anything, be it your Exam results, the future for your relationships or your career! Will you get your stolen items back? By when?

And by the way, Drishyam 2 was predicted to be a hit by Cartomancy on the demo call itself, before the film’s release! I guess Cartomancy knew it all along!

Before signing off, I would like to share this beautiful reading with Cartomancy that the expert on the call did for everyone who would watch it, as a message from the Universe! I personally related to it for my career & maybe it has something beautiful for you too!

If you would like to know more, or share your experience, do email me here.

If this blog was an interesting read for you & you'd like to see more such content or if you have any reviews please do let me know! Your feedback means a lot!

Spreading Love, Light & stars,



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