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Dr HitteshGurujee

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Navratri & Diwali Puja

'Don't worship wealth- worship the source!' Ignite your faith with Gurujee's powerful traditional Pujas opted by ten thousands of people all over the world.

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Money Summit 2021

Highlights from the Call

Click Here -The power of mantras to become one with the whole universe. YOU ARE THE GOD you are worshipping!

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Click Here -POWERFUL Mantras bends stainless steel spoon with ease

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Sankalp and Mantras with Gurujee

Gurujee has 42 years of experience and has guided 1000s of people!

We sometimes experience negative thoughts in the mind moving like a whirlpool. They won’t stop unless we do something about it. This is true to the law of motion, which states that anything in a state of action or rest will continue to be in the same state until and unless it is not acted upon by a foreign body.

If the situation persists, the negative thoughts manifest in our reality. Mantra is the antibody or the external body which stops and changes the negative thoughts.

When you work with Dr HitteshGurujee, he and his team represent you and chants the mantras for you which brings a positive turn in your consciousness.

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Dr HitteshGurujee


Dr HitteshGurujee is an award-winning practitioner of Astrology, Sawaroday, Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Aura & Chakra cleansing, Dream analysing, Past life regression, Tantra, Yoga & Meditation, Colour therapy, Kundalini & Chakra Activation. He is also the author of spiritual books such as ‘Aura’, ‘Puja of Sri Yantra and Laxmi’ and ‘Navgrah remedies for nine planets’. He has also released several meditation and Mantra CDs.

Gurujee conducts certified courses on how to conduct simple daily effective Havans; Professional Astrology; Mantras; the Occult, etc. He also gives discourses in English on Upanishads, different Puran and Agam & Nigam Scriptures. He is the founder and President of an NGO Vidhyaa Art of Eternal Science, which conducts meditation and stress relief programs for people and in orphanages.

Gurujee has been a keen observer of spiritual practices and rituals from his teenage years and has studied under many revered spiritual masters like Sri Sri Ravi Shankerji Maharaj, Sri Chandrashekhar Dave, Sri Rishi Baba (Advaitanandnath Baba) and others.

Dr. Hittesh Gurujee believes that the future for him is to help people by making them more happy and spiritual.

Gurujee’s clientele includes known personalities from India’s film and television industry and politics. He has travelled extensively across India and abroad to perform Puja and consults on astrology.

Awards Won by Dr HitteshGurujee
‘Ph.D. in Spiritual Sciences (SRI VIDHYAA)’ by the Government of Karnataka (2015)
• ‘Best Speaker’ Third International Conference in Mysore on Sri Vidhyaa (2015)
• ‘Best Astrologer on Astrology Show on television’ by Business & Entertainment Global Awards
• ‘Best Astrologer’ consecutively for five years from 2012 till 2016 by AAROGYAM

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