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Sonal M Kapadia

Spiritual Tarot & Multi-Modality Healer

My Motto: Making A Difference!

What Is Special About Me?

I have the ability to see the light, to uncomplicate, to calm ruffled nerves, to be kind, to turn the bleakest situation into a positive and fulfilling experience. This is not what I say, but testimonials from my clients validate my words. So here I am…


About Sonal Kapadia

What is my Story?

I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a beautiful multi-cultural environment for last 24 years. I grew up in Bombay (Mumbai),India and obtain my post graduate degree from University of Mumbai. I am well read and hold several professional certifications to my credit mostly obtained after moving here.

I am a single mom and breast cancer survivor. My maternal grandmother was very gifted and though I was aware of my intuitive and healing qualities… Hmmm… I only did pay attention to them after receiving jolts of deep personal losses in my life. Today, I stand strong, feet firmly grounded due to my inner strength and healing practices. My passion for life has led me to delve deep into my Life or Soul Purpose and this is when I founded Eternal Wellness.

How do I support my clients?

I believe in blending my intuitive capabilities with a rational and practical approach that works in today’s world. This has turned out to be a power packed combination, specially while providing solutions to my clients after analyzing all aspects of their query and empowering them with choices to make smart decisions for themselves i.e. making a difference.

Love for Sonal
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you to let me know about my marriage what my card has to say. I was suprised it happened to me before time given by you...

- Daljeet

l liked the way Sonal heard my concerns with care and patience. She suggested how to do Chakra Cleansing and by doing that I really felt peaceful and balanced. Her positive vibes are contagious.

- Soma

The tarot reading session was really satisfying.. we got some clarity to many confusing situations and what course we should try and take thanks for the patient listening. Am definitely recommending you to my friends...

- Sakeeina

Like many others, I had a misconception of Tarot that it is exclusively a future-prediction or fortune telling tool. What the session with Sonal highlighted so beautifully is that Tarot, when used in a professional manner as she did, can really help you better understand your current situation. The increased clarity it offers can be very insightful. It has the ability to connect the dots of different ongoing elements of your life to identify patterns and trends thereby helping you better prepare for the future. Sonal was extremely patient and articulate throughout the process and clearly is gifted in the work she does.

- Dr Vinod

Learning tarot from you was out of nowhere and as if the universe wanted me to get connected. I am very thankful to you Sonal for your dedication and proficiency in teaching and sharing your knowledge. I recommend people to get connected to the joy of learning Tarot with Sonal. I feel more confident and in control of my surroundings.

- Sujaya

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