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Sanghamitra Chatterjee

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Become a Siddhi Vinayak Reiki Expert

✓ Become a Practitioner, Master & GrandMaster in ONE GO!


✓ Get Lifetime Upgrades & Revision at no extra charge


✓ Course includes Remedies & Attunements


✓ Get call recordings, PDF notes, e-certification & more!

Healers' Training Summit 2024

call 1 replay

Highlights from Call 1

Click Here - Siddhi Vinayak Reiki- its meaning, potential & benefits shared by OG adapter, Sanghamitra Chatterjee

Click Here - Student inspires Teacher with Siddhi Vinayak Reiki practice! Review- Sanghamitra Chatterjee’s course

Click Here - Siddhi Vinayak Reiki clearing for Solar Plexus to expand your Aura | Sanghamitra Chatterjee

Click Here - Siddhi Vinayak Reiki mini-session demo with Sanghamitra Chatterjee


Highlights from Call 2

Click Here - Manifest better & easily with Siddhi Vinayak Reiki. Learn from OG adapter, Sanghamitra Chatterjee

Click Here - Absolutely safe! Remain protected with Siddhi Vinayak Reiki. Learn with OG, Sanghamitra Chatterjee



Siddhi Vinayak Reiki 3 Levels (Grandmaster Course)

with Remedies

@ US$ 122 / Rs 8,888

That's 90% OFF


TWO Personal

Online Sessions

(45 mins each)

@ US$ 61 / Rs 4,444

That's 84% OFF

Explore Siddhi Vinayak Reiki with Sanghamitra Chatterjee!

Sanghamitra presents Siddhi Vinayak Reiki, unified with quantum energy and light code symbols to upgrade your life experiences and manifestation!  


This healing technique includes symbols, mantras and prayers. You can become a practitioner, master and grandmaster by learning from Sanghamitra.


When these energies are run, we get aligned with our higher self and we heal and live with more awareness, purpose and ease. If anyone is struggling with loss or illness (physical or mental), the symbol helps heal.

Why Learn with Sanghamitra

​​No prior Reiki knowledge or experience required



She’s the OG adapter of this technique!



Receive LIFETIME UPGRADES at no extra charge!



Earn more as you are qualified to heal and teach both!



Have ready remedies for protection, healing, manifestation, etc.



Go global! Heal & Teach from anywhere. Take online sessions



Excellent option for an alternate career & additional income


✓ Answers all questions your clients and learners will ask

✓ Heal any kind of issues for self and others!

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People's Amazing Results

A newly learnt Siddhi Vinayak Reiki practitioner’s family member’s feet-pain significantly reduced after a few healings. They were even able to climb stairs which was not possible earlier


With Sanghamitra’s Siddhi Vinayak Reiki healing, a client’s family challenges came forth as did solutions for the family to be free of the curse!


Sanghamitra helped heal a dementia patient’s suffering with the Siddhi Vinayak Reiki frequencies


A client's past traumas and hurt he had been holding on to were released. As Sanghamitra healed him with the symbol, his consciousness expanded. He is doing very well now and has even manifested his dream car.

Sanghamitra's Limited-Period Special Offers

Siddhi Vinayak Reiki 3 Levels (Grandmaster Course)
With Remedies

Become a Practitioner, Master & GrandMaster!

✓ Heal yourself & clients professionally

✓ Become a Trainer: Teach the modality

✓ Get Lifetime Revisions & Upgrades

✓ Have advantage of Quantum Energy & Light Code Symbols with Reiki

Total 10 hrs live course on Zoom

(5 days. 2 hrs each day)


✓ Class recordings

✓ PDF notes

✓ Lifetime Telegram group support

✓ E-certification of completion and teaching


✓ All Levels include Process of Use, Benefits, Meditation & Attunement to Symbols

✓ All Symbols have detailed descriptions including their uses

✓ Learn to heal and provide remedies for any issue in any aspect of life!

LEVEL 1 (Practitioner)

• 2 Symbols

• Client Attract Yantra

• Money Attraction Yantra

- Get Mantra to activate the Yantras

Healing & Cleansing of Karmic cycles

Integration of the higher & lower self

Helping yourself and clients realise true shining self

LEVEL 2 (Master)

• 3 Symbols

Gain energy for growth

Clear patterns that have been blocking you

LEVEL 3 (GrandMaster)

• 2 Symbols

• Direct the high-vibrating Symbols for your and your clients' desired results

• Be at your highest, finest energy level to manifest and help your clients manifest



Ancient Breathing Manifestation Technique of 5 minutes with Sun & Earth energies!!

Ancient magical Mantra to activate all your Yantras, Symbols and Mantras to speed up Manifestation for the highest good! 


• 8 Group Healing Meditation Sessions

20 mins each. Prep for Course. Replays will be shared

• PDF with Mantras & Remedies

• To heal self and others

• For protection, manifestation, cleansing, healing, etc.

• Lifetime Free Upgrades of this Modality

Of Symbols & Practices as and when channelled by Sanghamitra

• Lifetime Free Revision of Course

Join any no. of times, as & when a batch is conducted

• Attunement to 5 Essential Oils

• Helps cleanse self and others

• Helps in manifestation

• Get PDF with benefits, uses & instructions to use

(don't need to purchase oils for these. You are energetically attuned to use)

• Lifetime Access to Sanghamitra’s 3 Summit-Calls’ Replays



(Group sessions, 20 mins each)

Dates: 15 - 22 July 2024 (Mon - Mon)

Time: 7pm India / 9.30am ET


10 hrs (across 5 days, 2 hrs each class)

Dates: 22 - 26 July 2024 (Mon - Fri)

Time: 8.30pm - 10.30pm India / 11am - 1pm ET

✓ All recordings will be shared

TWO Personal Online Sessions (45 mins each)

• Both sessions to be availed within 45 days of purchase


• 2 people can join the sessions together (with related, common cause)


• 2 people can also avail each session separately 


• Ask unlimited questions for any area of your life (in the given duration)


• Receive  healing / guidance / remedies as per your situation


• Session preferably on Zoom with your video on (You can record the session if you wish)


• 8 Group Healing Meditation Sessions (live / recordings)
20 mins each.
Live sessions schedule:
Dates: 15 - 22 July 2024 (Mon - Mon)
Time: 7pm India / 9.30am ET

(If you miss the live sessions, recordings will be shared)

• 15-minute follow-up session (on call, 1 week after 2nd session)


• Lifetime access to Sanghamitra’s 3 Call-Replays from The Mystic Lotus AWESOME! Healers’ Training Summit 2024

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Meet Your Trainer, Sanghamitra Chatterjee


Sanghamitra Chatterjee is a practitioner of holistic healing with psychic abilities. With over a decade of experience and a deep understanding of energy healing, Sanghamitra has helped countless individuals achieve balance, clarity and well-being.


She has achieved this through a combination of intuitive insights and ancient healing techniques, Dream analysis, Reiki, Akashic Records, Infinity quantum energy,  Astrology, Name Numerology, Inner child healing, and other techniques. Her offering includes personalised individual sessions and group teaching sessions that nurture the body, mind and soul.  


Sanghamitra has also been a practitioner of Kriya Yoga in the lineage of Mahavatar Babaji for the past 30 years.


Whether a person comes seeking physical healing, emotional support or spiritual guidance, Sanghamitra’s mission is to guide them to the best of her capabilities by providing a safe and compassionate space for transformation and growth! 

If you have any questions or need help, connect with us:


Ph: +91 93220 17119

Click to WhatsApp:

Click to message on Telegram:

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