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Nidhu B Kapoor

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BE a family-light-doctor (FLD) 
for yourself & others BE!

✓  Introducing revolutionary work with the OG Master to heal intergenerational trauma, enlighten your DNA and heal your mother's & father's lineages! 

✓ Package A: Become a Light Prayer Practitioner


✓ Package B: Become a Light Family Decree practitioner


✓ Package C: Become a Trainer! (Includes Pkgs A & B)


✓ Lifetime call-replays, PDF, practice in all packages

Healers' Training Summit 2024

call 1 replay

Healers' Training Summit 2024

Highlights from Call 2

Click Here - Heal with ONE-WORD Light Medicine Sets; feel the shifts instantly

Click Here - MUST KNOW about Forgiveness

Click Here - ONE thought-provoking question about habits you’ll sit up and notice! Take charge here

Click Here - Your Mother & Father Govern Your Organs. See How!

Click Here - Keep the Sanskrit vowels handy for instant cheer!

Click Here - Revolutionary 1-MINUTE Light Prayer & Wish Activation


One Minute

Light Prayer Decree

Practitioner Certification

(Enlightened DNA, part 1)

@ US$ 33 / Rs 2,401

That's 93% OFF



Light Prayer Set

@ US$ 33 / Rs 2,402

That's 93% OFF



Family Light Decrees
Practitioner Certification (Enlightened DNA, 
parts 1 to 6)

@ US$ 205 / Rs 15,001

That's 72% OFF



Trainer’s Certification

@ US$ 327 / Rs 24,001

That's 78% OFF

About Word Medicine (The Decrees)

Comprising of just one, two, three and four words, these words, known as The Decrees, there is nothing faster than this in the world, as you too will experience on the call. They are so easy to use and remember that you will leave knowing this revolutionary technology and be able to use it from today itself! 

All The Decrees are adaptable to any situation and can be used anytime, anywhere, everywhere even in the loo! 

Probably one of the youngest and latest modalities in the world, The Decrees are only 5 years old but 1'000s of people have experienced the joy of using them and there are more than 300 Decree practitioners today! 

Welcome to this incredible work that works in seconds and your opportunity to be a Decree practitioner too!

Amazing Benefits of Word Medicine (The Decrees)

✓ You have to experience it to believe it!! These 4 words work anytime, anywhere for everything and everyone!


✓ These words move us into a higher vibration almost IMMEDIATELY! Your ascension is guaranteed one day at a time!

There is no limit to their usage! Apply in any area (health, wealth, relationships, emotional, mental or spiritual) to bring the fastest changes in the world!

✓ Must know if you are interested in saving time, money and energy for your own transformations

No attunement or no prior experience is required

More than 3,000 people have transformed their bodies, bank balances and relationships with just this!

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People's Amazing Results

"I had sciatica pain for past many months. It was so severe that I couldn't bend. Since yesterday I am doing the Decrees, it has reduced 70 %."

- Chhavi


"After doing this for 3 days, I feel lighter, pain has significantly reduced and my overeating has also reduced."

- SS


"I miraculously was able to generate funds when I needed the most and was worried. Also, got clarity on what I need to focus on!"

- Sandhya


"Received $ 694 in my work account as advance for my product!!"

- Swati


"Have completely healed my constipation!"

- Issha


"My laptop crashed. I tried on it and the laptop started working!"

- Amrish


"My pet cat was not to be found for 2 days. I said the 4 words and within 20 minutes, my cat came home!"

- Abhishek

About Family-Light-Decrees (FLD)

It is a fact of life that nobody shows up in healing because they come from a happy, light family. In fact, look around - how many happy families do you know?

In our ancient epics, The Ramayana and The Mahabharat, the importance and wounding of family is ever present. Lord Rama was sent away for 14 years by his father at the behest of his stepmother. In Hastinapura, The Kauravas cheated their cousins, The Pandavas of their rightful kingdom and they too were exiled for 12 years under the threat of death if they were even seen before that. Our holy scripture, The Gita, was shared on the battlefield where Lord Arjuna had to go to war against his family, friends and teacher


All healing is a healing of the past
All healing is a healing of family wounds
Intergenerational trauma gets handed down generation after generation through our DNA (works on autopilot and is not under our conscious control) and however well-meaning your parents were, they did not have the tools or awareness to process these and so they could have been:

unavailable and unpresent, physically, emotionally, mentally, financially
fixed and rigid, judging you for every mistake instead of teaching us through them
manipulative and controlling
narcissistic and sociopathic (no sympathy, empathy or connection with us)
unstable and hypocritical (saying one thing to us but doing another, inconsistent in their conversation and behaviour)
needing us to take care of them instead of taking care of you
making us feel dumb, stupid, untrustworthy and not good enough
unable to provide for us
misogynistic or misandric (hating girls or hating boys)
competitive with us instead of happy for our successes
expecting inhumanly to give them money or be parent to our siblings
ignoring and neglecting us for themselves or your siblings
insist on us being good at what we are not and overlook where we are indeed good
one parent domination (while the other submits)
violators of our personal space and rights instead of protectors
financially controlling and guilt-tripping us
choosing money over our happiness
do not really care for our well-being
Overfeed or underfeed us

Because we do to ourselves what has been done to us, we learn to:
make stress and pressure normal
have premature greying or body weight issues
not ask for what we want
become people pleasers
chronically suffer from low self-worth and unworthiness
have trouble saying no, even when necessary
make every issue life and death
don't feel happy or content, however hard we try
feel financially insecure even with money in our account
get angry and lash out at innocent ones and then feel guilty afterwards
believe that being angry and threatening will get us what we want
start repeating the same painful patterns in all our relationships, especially at work and in marriages
get worse instead of better every year
blame and curse ourselves and our lives more instead of lesser
have a negative poverty consciousness mindset
stay in terrible jobs and relationships
hope someone will fight for us and save us
don't really focus on our own healing because it feels like more work
turn more into our mothers and fathers even tho we don't want to
love our victim stories
cannot bear any feedback because inside, we are a raging turmoil of our own wrongness
are careless with our time, energy, words, people and things


The more you resonated with, the more intergenerational trauma and outdated dark DNA you are unconsciously carrying... 

Light families have Happy, Healthy DNA so they are happier and healthier

Wouldn't you love that for yours?!


All our problematic patterns can be traced back to our family and our lineage. To be a family light doctor is to recognise these patterns and break free from them, healing our families by enlightening our DNA (in as much as their karma will allow) in the process too!

At the same time, we are born into families that match our own past life karmic imprint. So in being a family light doctor is to also be a generational healer, past life transformer, karmic warrior, light worker, mindFULLER specialist, DNA illuminator, anti-saboteur and a habit healer
More on what all this means on June 4th and 6th!

Experience the world's fastest transformative process with shifts taking place in seconds and minutes! Known as The Decrees, you will experience the healing, the power and the ease of change on the call itself with ONE WORD that can begin upgrading your DNA from the get-go! 

While you will need to complete your training and practice to become a licenced Family-Light doctor, you will be able to begin your practice from the first call itself!

Nidhu's Limited-Period Special Offers

PACKAGE A - One Minute Light Prayer Decree Practitioner Certification (Enlightened DNA, part 1)

Help heal yourself, family and others (remotely, in a session or workshop)

✓ Share and charge for this within 7 days of learning & practising

✓ Learn the 3-word 3-sentence prayer that can be adapted and customised for your needs/sessions

✓ Get certified by 17th June 2024

✓ Based on the Bible

This prayer set brings great peace of mind and an attitude of gratitude for the giver and receiver! Keep in mind that results are never in our hands and praying is about turning to a higher power to help us help ourselves; everyone has free will to be who they are so Use them WISELY!


• Learn the Gold Standard Prayer Decree (basic setup) with 5 adaptations

• Make your own after knowing the basic setup

• 7-day practice with daily Light Prayers (on Telegram group & email)

• Make your own 7-DAY package to sell!! (you are eligible to share all The Prayer Decrees taught)

• Get your practitioner e-certification (after submitting 3 Light Prayers of your own. Your case studies are the ones you submit on the group itself / email)

• Become a member of my home Facebook group to keep knowing more Decrees

• PDF Notes

• Lifetime access to call replay including BONUS - my TS Calls!!


• Bonus Summit Call 2: 
6 June 2024 (DONE. Replay available)

• Light Prayers Training: 
8 June 2024 (DONE. Replay available

• 7-day Practice (on Telegram group & email): 
10-16 June 2024

• Extended Telegram group access (for Q&A, doubt-solving):
17-21 June 2024

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Sample E-Certificate

PKG A.jpg

PACKAGE A2 - Advanced Light Prayer Set
(INCLUDED in Packages B & C)

Learn the Advanced Light Prayer Set


• 1 audio call on 17 June 2024 @ 6.30pm India / 9am ET (replay will be shared)

• 7 days of practice (on Telegram group and email)

PACKAGE B (INCLUDES PKGS A & A2) -Family Light Decrees
Practitioner Certification
(Enlightened DNA, parts 1 to 6)


✓ INCLUDES PACKAGE A, A2 (and 2 Bonus Summit Calls)
✓ 5 Family-Light-Medicine Calls
✓ Advanced Light Prayer Decrees

✓ Based on Saturn Retrograde (father), 
Neptune Retrograde (mother), 
Mercury + Uranus Retrograde (child)


• Approx. 1.5-2 hours @ 6.30pm India / 9am ET

• Audio calls (except call 1).

• All replays will be available with lifetime access

• Include breathwork, the 10-second 3 taps grounding, Money work, Prosperity Bath prayers, healing + learning

• Receive Call Summaries and a PDF with all our work (it will be like a textbook by the time we finish!


22 June 2024 - Full Mooney Divine Masculine Saturn Retrograde Special (Enlightened DNA part 2)

With 29th’s Saturn retrograde, our karmic lessons will be most obvious. Keep in mind the 5 tenets of Karma - unlearning, learning, balance, expression, development of gifts - and that our Karma brings us into a certain family (and house) and you will see how life is showing and revealing what about your family is NOT working for you! 

Whether this is your blood family or marriage family, you will want to break free and liberate yourself (thanks to Pluto who is also retrograde!) and The Light-Family-Decrees are the fastest and most empathetic way to do so! 
As the most masculine energy, Saturn will turn our attention to what is/was going on with our fathers and much as we all want to love and put him on a pedestal, it will bode us well to see him as a human being with his own share of light and dark. 

• Be able to see your father as he is / was
• Release his dark (in you) with The Parent Forgiveness Decree 
• Increase his light (in you), setting him and his lineage free too! 
• Heal his (yours) Money karma
• Make peace with him for yourself and your mother

Note - It is possible that you will remember past lives that included him or the lifetimes that reveal the learnings you need today

• Telegram group & email practice for 11 days (24 June to 4 July) to integrate


05 July 2024 - New Mooney Divine Feminine Neptune Retrograde & Water Special (Enlightened DNA, part 3) 

The ruler of water, dreams, visions and our psychic powers goes retrograde to remind us of the first water in our lives - our mother’s womb. What was her mental, physical and emotional health then? 
Did she even want to get preggie?
Were we conceived in love? Or shock?

Gently recovering from our mother’s traumas, we will also acknowledge her as our OG god, apologise for any birthing trauma she has, heal our own birthing trauma and give gratitude to her for bringing us into the world

At the same time, like with the father, we lovingly need to upgrade our etheric umbilical chord to receive what we need and not necessarily what she may insist on feeding us (Oh yes, we receive from her our whole lives!)

• Release her dark (in you) with The Parent Forgiveness Decree 
• Increase her light (in you), setting her and her lineage free too! 

Note - It is possible that you will remember past lives that included her or the lifetimes that reveal the learnings you need today

• Calm her angry and anxious programs and make peace with her

• Telegram group & email practice for 12 days (8 to 19 July) to integrate

20 July 2024 - Full Mooney Yin + Yang Organ Compatibility (Enlightened DNA, part 4)

The body expresses our family story in how it functions as we are a combination of mother (Yin and heart) and Father (Yang and head) and how they were individually AND how they were WITH each other impacts our own internal compatibility. If your head and heart are often at loggerheads, well, so were your parents…


How your parents govern you physically, biologically and how the interaction between them impacts your health and wealth is key to our call

We borrow quite a bit from the grand body of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for this training and the origin of one of the most enjoyable Decrees (you know by now) will be clear!

Besides with Mercury retrograde around the corner on 5th August, we will need to be in balance and more willing to take charge and accountability of our lives!

• Telegram group & email practice to integrate - 
Yin organs awesomeness (from 22 to 26 July)
Yang organs awesomeness (from 29 July to 3 Aug)

 5 Aug 2024 - New Mooney Mercury Retrograde (Enlightened DNA, part 5)

As the youngest and most mischievous planet, Mercury retrograde makes us retro too… to our childish selves. It is why we get more emotional and impatient, exactly like we did as children! It is also why it is a great time to work on being an adult and allowing ourselves to stop repeating childhood traumas in our health, wealth and relationships

Our childhood also tells us a lot about our Karma so this call sets us up for our final call…. 

We'll work on installing cheerFULL childhood/teenage/young adult (pre-30 years of age)

• Telegram group & email practice for 8 days (7 to 14 Aug) to integrate

19 Aug 2024 - Full Mooney Divine Karma (past life) Awesomeness (Enlightened DNA, part 6)

Pluto, Saturn, Neptune and Mercury will be retrograde and all we need to unlearn in terms of habits and behaviors, including self-sabotage, will be impossible to deny and so our most intense week of habit healing will begin 


We will choose a new habit and begin to incorporate it as a new habit/behavior signals the completion of a Karma


• Telegram group & email practice for 6 days (21 to 26 Aug) to integrate


• Enlightened DNA, part 1 Call (Pkg A): Done (Replay available)
7-day Practice (on Telegram group & Email): 10-16 June 2024

• Extended Telegram group access (for Q&A, doubt-solving): 17-21 June 2024

• Package A2: Call on 17 June 2024 @ 6.30pm India / 9am ET PLUS 7 days of practice

• Enlightened DNA, part 2 Call: 22 June 2024 
Practice on Telegram group & email: 24 June to 4 July 2024

• Enlightened DNA, part 3 Call: 5 July 2024
Practice on Telegram group & email: 8 to 19 July 2024

• Enlightened DNA, part 4 Call: 20 July 2024
Practice on Telegram group & email:
Yin Organs Awesomeness: 22-26 July 2024
Yang Organs Awesomeness: 29 July - 3 Aug 2024

• Enlightened DNA, part 5 Call: 5 Aug 2024
Practice on Telegram group & email: 7-14 Aug 2024

• Enlightened DNA, part 6 Call: 19 Aug 2024
Practice on Telegram group & email: 21-26 Aug 2024

• Get certified by submitting 6 case studies (2 for yourself): Post 26 Aug 2024

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Sample E-Certificate

PKG A (2).jpg


PACKAGES A, A2 & B + Trainer’s Certification


Get the permission to teach and train others!

• Total 9 Calls (6 Calls of Package B + 2 Summit BONUS Calls + Package A2 Call)
• Unlimited support calls (group-need based till 30 Nov 2024)

• Get membership of a private Facebook group for Q&A and to share your experiences with other trainers (till Dec 2024)

• All trainer’s e-certificates will be provided by The Mystic Lotus Academy at no extra charge! 

• Super-Super offer in September's training 
• On-ground meet in Mumbai, India

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Sample E-Certificate

PKG A (3).jpg



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Meet Your Trainer, Nidhu B Kapoor
Original Master, Creator & Sharer of The Decrees (Word Medicine)

Copy of NBK - Pay as you like landing page_edited.jpg

If it is simple and empowering, gentle but powerful, I will have it in my toolkit because my promise is - shifts within 10 seconds and results showing in the world within 24 to 72 hours. In fact, I am the only practitioner in the world doing 5 mins and 10 mins Speedster one-on-one personal sessions!


This unique blend of words and body processes take you from Pain to Peace in the shortest time possible (depending on the negative Karma). Expect results instantaneously!!


My work is as scientific as it is spiritual and uses both eastern medicine (like in the principles of acupressure, pranayama, Qi Gong, Jin Shin Jyutsu, visualisation, Ho'oponopono, the Vedas and mudras) and western philosophy (like in talk therapy, transactional analysis, the laws of attraction &  allowing & manifesting, multidimensional work, understandings of the subconscious and conscious mind, the shadow self and the power of limiting beliefs). I have used all of these to create and develop Word Medicine aka The Decrees, which is hands down, the fastest healing process in the world - it actually works instantaneously!


You have the right to be healthy and happy and with The Decrees, this goal is now closer than ever! Working for everyone at all ages as well animals and plants, computers and phones, this is a game changer for life!

Nidhu's Limited-Period Special Offers

If you have any questions or need help, connect with us:


Ph: +91 93220 17119

Click to WhatsApp:

Click to message on Telegram:

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