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Dr Sri Vijaya

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Become a Master of Life with Akashic Records

✓  Become a Practitioner & Trainer!

✓ Includes 2 Healing Techniques & Therapies


✓ Get Unlimited Practice Sessions!

✓ 1-year group support, PDF notes, E-certification & Lots More!

Healers' Training Summit 2024

call 1 replay

CLICK HERE for Dr Sri Vijaya's

Guided Audio Meditation

Highlights from Call 1

Click Here - Why unexpected things happen to us; the importance of clearing Karmic baggage | Dr Sri Vijaya

Click Here - Why Learn Akashic Records? Master Dr Sri Vijaya shares some compelling reasons to do so

Click Here - The Akashic Records way to understand how illnesses occur in our space. Shared by Dr Sri Vijaya

Click Here - Is it possible to avoid major illnesses via Akashic Records? Find out from Master, Dr Sri Vijaya

Click Here - What are our repetitive patterns trying to tell us? Akashic Records Master, Dr Sri Vijaya explains

Click Here - How are Akashic Records different from Past Life Regression? Dr Sri Vijaya shares

Click Here - Super success story of Akashic Records Course learnt from Dr Sri Vijaya

Click Here - Try this healing ritual that is known to change people’s lives! (materials mentioned in description)

Click Here - Akashic Records Live demos with Dr Sri Vijaya for relationships & career

Click Here - He became an Akashic Trainer with ease, within a year of learning from Dr Sri Vijaya!

Click Here - Feeling like a victim, angry, lost? Know this and get in the flow NOW! Shared by Dr Sri Vijaya


Highlights from Call 2

Click Here - Jaladeepam (Healing Lamp with 5 Elements) Explanation & Guided Meditation with Dr Sri Vijaya

Click Here - Jaladeepam Guided Meditation | Akashic Records expert, Dr Sri Vijaya



Akashic Records Practitioner Course

(Level 1) PLUS 2 Healing Techniques

@ US$ 381 / Rs 27,969

That's 82% OFF



Akashic Records Practitioner & Trainer Course (Level 1 & 2 ) PLUS 2 Healing Techniques

@ US$ 454 / Rs 33,333

That's 80% OFF


30 Minute Personal Session: Akashic Records Reading + Remedies

@ US$ 63 / Rs 4600

That's 79% OFF

About Akashic Records

Akashic Records reading is an ancient practice to receive valuable insights into one's soul journey across lifetimes. It can help elevate a person's life by providing a deep understanding of their past experiences, karmic patterns, and the lessons they need to learn in this lifetime.


With the insights received from Akashic Records, a person can gain clarity about their life purpose, challenges, reasons for traumas, recurring issues related to relationships, health, career and other aspects of life. This can lead to releasing old patterns and healing long-standing wounds for a better and greater life! Moreover, the Akashic Records can instill a feeling of connection to a higher power, offering spiritual guidance and support. Overall, it enables a person to understand themselves and their role in the world better, leading to personal growth and spiritual development.


Dr Sri Vijaya has guided over 1,500 people in the last 4.5 years for their health, relationships, finances, jobs, mental / emotional issues - stress/anxiety, blockages for studies, property/court issues, life path and soul purpose with directions to achieve it

Why Learn Akashic Records with Dr Sri Vijaya

✓ Get UNLIMITED practice sessions!!

✓ Go global! Heal from anywhere. Take online sessions


✓ Charge clients as a professional!


✓ Excellent option for an alternate career & more income


✓ Give your healing career the advantage of working with Past Lives! 


✓ Answers all questions your clients will ask

✓ Heal all kinds of issues for self and others!


✓ Become a GO-TO Teacher of the Akashic Realm

✓ Work with more people, earn more!

✓ More earning avenues with group or private coaching 

✓ Grow your reputation as THE authority in Akashic Records 

✓ As you teach more, you will evolve more

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People's Amazing Results

Nareen, a Vastu consultant learnt from Dr Sri Vijaya and now uses Akashic Reading for the all the land deals / work and he has progressed in leaps and bounds since


Maneesh's confidence to move forward after learning Akashic Records from Dr Sri Vijaya was so high that he even launched his own workshop!


Swasti was able to move to Australia, find a job and finally settle down after Akashic Reading and healing with Dr Sri Vijaya.


A 23-year-old person with special needs had diarrhoea all his life and was so violent that he had to be tied down to a cot. After few Akashic readings and healing from Dr Sri Vijaya, his diarrhoea stopped, he calmed down and also took up the guidance of painting and music.


After a bitter marriage and separation, Seema tried multiple options to create income but failed. From Sri Vijaya's reading, she was guided to go back to art that she had learnt long back. She instantly got a job and settled down.

Dr Sri Vijaya's Limited-Period Special Offers

PACKAGE A - Akashic Records Practitioner Course (Level 1) PLUS 2 Healing Techniques


Read, Heal Your and Others’ Akashic Records


Total 24 hrs live course on Zoom 
(12 days. 2 hrs each day)
✓ Downloadable class recordings 

(download within 6 months and use for life)
✓ PDF notes 
✓ Practitioner’s E-certificate 

(after sharing 15 case studies, including from class practice)


• Healing recurring issues, fears & phobias

• Healing mysterious patterns in health, relationships, finances, etc.

• Finding answers to burning life-questions

• Receiving unbiased guidance from the highest source!

• Stopping self-sabotaging habits and belief systems

• Those serious about their life path and soul evolution

• Accelerating your career with a Past-Life advantage!

• Cleansing, protection and shielding

• Receiving information and communicating with the Guides & Masters

• Process, Methods & Guidelines to access the Records

• Types of cords and how to clear them through forgiveness prayer

• How to clear the Records

• Ethics; Attunements

• Remedies (Switchwords, Divine Codes, Energy Circles, etc.)

Exclusive Bonus Content

• Spiritual Discourse Workshop (12 hrs) Dr Sri Vijaya’s USP - Foundational program for spiritual transformation

• 2 Healing Techniques to Heal Self & Others!

    1. Perceptional Healing with Jaladeepam
✓ Create NEW perception of what you want and achieve it!
✓ Help your clients with this too


    2.Violet Flame Healing
✓ Holistic healing with the Universal Violet Light Energy 
✓ To heal all issues, DNA, past lives / current life, etc.

• 2 Healing Therapies (For self & others)

    1. String Therapy
✓ We are all interconnected with Strings of Light!
✓ Effortless process to clear unhealthy strings in 2 MINUTES

    2.Writing Therapy
✓ Tuning for brain into thinking differently
✓ Change the whole brain by balancing it! 

• 2 Meditations - 
1. Golden Rod Meditation
2. FIVE-Element Cleansing


★ Free Revision of Full Course!

Avail once, within a year


★ Unlimited Group Practice Sessions

Subject to request by the group


★ 1 Year Telegram Group Support


★ Professional Support with your first 5 Clients


★ Lifetime access to Dr Sri Vijaya’s Summit Call Replays

Revisit, revise, relearn - anytime!


24 hrs (across 12 days, 2 hrs each class)




Spiritual Discourse Workshop: 24 - 29 June 2024

Akashic Records Level 1 Course: 01 - 06 July 2024

Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm India / 9am - 11am ET




Spiritual Discourse Workshop: 22 - 27 July 2024

Akashic Records Level 1 Course: 29 July - 03 Aug 2024

Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm India / 9am - 11am ET

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Akashic Records Practitioner & Trainer Course (Level 1 & 2) PLUS 2 Healing Techniques


✓ Read, Heal Your and Others’ Akashic Records

✓ Teach Levels 1 & 2 to Others

✓ Includes 24 hrs from Pkg A

✓ Additional 6 hours for Teacher Training

(dates will be announced after Level 1)

✓ Get Recordings, PDF, e-certificate



• Chakras

- Characteristics & Relevance of Chakras

- Identifying traumas in one’s life

- Strengthening Chakras as a Light Worker

• Karmas

- Types of Karmas

- How Karma works

- Connection of our Karmic Records to our present life

- Healing technique to help do Karmic Clearance

• Soul

- Journey of our Soul

- Journey & Levels of our Soul

- Soul Contracts & Connections

• Death

- Journey of the physical body

- Life to Death

- Journey of the Soul

- Death to Life

- Understanding the Karmic Balance & Carryover

• Guidance on how to become a Teacher + Teacher’s Attunement

PACKAGE C: 30 Minute Personal Session: Akashic Records Reading + Remedies

One-on-one Online Session with Dr Sri Vijaya

✓ Ask TWO(!) Questions about any aspect of your life 
(health, relationship, finance, etc.)

✓ Receive Akashic reading, guidance and remedies 
(specific to your situation) & Bonuses

✓ You can ask for your family members too! 
(permission is required from adults over 18 yrs)

✓ Session on Zoom. Recording available on request 

✓ You can book appointment in Dr Sri Vijaya’s calendar 
as per your convenience

Ascend with These BENEFITS!

• Receive unbiased guidance from the highest source (for your highest good!)

• Understand your karma, learn lessons and heal karma

• Heal past traumas (including past lives'!)

• Realise your life purpose. Your hidden talents may get activated too!

• Know why your relationships are the way they are (and heal them)

Release guilt, regret, negativity and other limiting feelings

• Improve health, emotional well-being, relationships and overall life

• Feeling stuck? Need answers? Get a reading done (and make better decisions!)

• Heal recurring / longstanding issues like falling ill often, unable to sell property, conflict with loved ones, not finding life partner and so on



Personalised Elemental Correction Remedy

- Dr Sri Vijaya will identify your physical and metaphysical elements based on date of birth (and what’s missing)

- Receive Colour and Number Correction Therapy as remedies


Lifetime Q&A personal WhatsApp support

(related to the session)


Lifetime access to Dr Sri Vijaya’s Healing Support Group on WhatsApp


Lifetime access to Dr Sri Vijaya’s Summit Call Replays

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Meet Your Trainer, Dr Sri Vijaya


Dr Vvijee K S (Dr Sri Vijaya) is a born clairvoyant and has been a spiritual healer for over a decade.


Healing Techniques Dr Sri Vijaya Practises - Akashic Records, Electro Homeopathy, Hypnotherapist - Clinical & Spiritual, Alternative Medical Therapy (Acupuncture, Dorn Therapy, Colour Therapy, Art Therapy, Varma, Hypnosis-Basic), Associate Coach – ICF (Pathway), Counsellor (Family, Children, Professional), Transformational Coach - Life and Spiritual, Yoga Coach,  Tarot Card Reader, Master Reiki Healer, Dowser, Prana Violet Healing, Lama Ferra Healing, Perceptional Healing, Angel Healing, Switch Word, Angel Healing, Inner Mindfulness & Inner Consciousness


Since Dr Vvijee was intuitive from childhood, she used to have visions, 99 percent of which would be accurate. She was also able to predict major events in her family. She soon realised that she had unknowingly been reading Akashic records all her life. So after going through extreme hardships, multiple health concerns and surgeries including her husband's paralytic attack, Dr Vijayalaxmi took it up to help herself and others with her divine gift.


Dr Sri Vijaya strongly believes that even if we foresaw things, we cannot change anybody's karma unless they realise and want to change. This is why she also has taken it up to educate people about the law of karma and help change their lives.

Nidhu's Limited-Period Special Offers

If you have any questions or need help, connect with us:


Ph: +91 93220 17119

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