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Sonal Kapadia

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Become a Tarot Reading Practitioner!

✓ Perfect Tarot foundation for all!

✓ Get MP3s for grounding and developing intuition


✓ Includes practice sessions & lifetime group support

✓ Get class recordings, PDF notes & e-certificate

Healers' Training Summit 2024

call 1 replay

CLICK HERE for Sonal’s Tarot MP3 -

The Magician's 7 Chakra Harmony Meditation

Highlights from the Call 1

Click Here - Tarot Dos and don'ts! The RIGHT way of using Tarot and more with Coach, Sonal M Kapadia

Click Here - Tarot guidance for a week! Receive if you resonate. Shared by Tarot Coach, Sonal M Kapadia

Click Here - Mini Tarot Reading Demos with Sonal M Kapadia. Participants resonated with her guidance!

Click Here - Raving Tarot Course & Teacher Review (for Sonal M Kapadia’s Tarot Practitioner Course)


Highlights from the Call 2

Click Here - 1-Month Tarot Reading Revealed! People resonated. You may too | Receive from Tarot Master, Sonal

Click Here - Tarot Guided Process! Receive Sun energies and connect with your higher self. With Sonal M Kapadia


Special Course Package:

Learn Tarot Practitioner Course (Level 1)

@ US$ 205 / Rs 14,999

That's 86% OFF

Personal Session Package:

Deep Analysis Personal Online Tarot Session

(30 mins)

@ US$ 28 / Rs 1,999

That's 90% OFF

Tarot with Sonal! 

Tarot is a tool for divination and guidance, helping you tap into intuition with vivid imagery and encouraging inner dialogue with your higher self. It's crucial to recognise that Tarot reflects the mind and soul. Without personal interaction and connection, its significance is lost.


With various spreads tailored to address different issues, Tarot offers versatility in readings. From quick insights like the three-card Past, Present, Future layout to more comprehensive analyses covering career, relationships, health, and more, Tarot provides guidance for diverse aspects of life. Empowering questions—such as why, how, and what actions to take—empower individuals to navigate challenges in their favour, with timing often aligning with divine intervention.

Some of the uses of Tarot are: 

• Insightful wisdom-seeking tool

• Predictive tool offering daily insights and guidance

• Problem-solving aid for decision-making

• Meditation tool for introspection and spiritual growth


• Source of inspiration for creativity and business development

• Manifestation tool for aligning with desired outcomes

• Integration with other modalities like Life Coaching, Astrology, Numerology, and Counseling enhances the value of services offered to clients, extending the same benefits experienced individually to others.

Why Learn Tarot...

• Become an expert who has all the answers!

• Have a Rewarding Career, people always look for guidance

• Have your Flexible Dream Profession: Work online from anywhere with people all over the world

• Your intuition will increase with practice

• Beginners: Perfect tool to start with

• Existing Healers: Boost your work with specific Tarot solutions

Also Perfect for YOUR Empowerment & Growth

If You Don’t Wish to be a Professional Reader...

• Be in charge of your life, know all that you need to know!

• Make better decisions, every day!

• END of self-doubt and indecision

• An easy tool to connect with your higher self

• Emotional Healing: Tarot can help relieve stress, process feelings, feel empowered

• Be the guiding light for yourself and your loved ones

Why Learn With Sonal


• Learn in just 10 hours, Sonal’s wisdom accumulated over 1,000+ readings

• Be fully supported with 5 practice sessions, 1-year group support & professional guidance with your clients!

• Sonal shares Ready-to-use E-Templates for Tarot spreads

• Dont’ feel you are intuitive? Sonal shares 2 exclusively created MP3s to increase intuition and connection with source

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Learners' Amazing Results

• Rashmi, a numerologist, successfully integrates Tarot learnt from Sonal in her practice.


• Even though Hemalatha has taken up Tarot as a part-time profession after learning from Sonal, she has already started earning good income.


• Was unemployed and had 3 job offers but they were not moving ahead. After the reading and understanding, Hari got a good job as per his requirement!

- Hari


• After many health issues, health has improved, face is glowing and life is much at ease.

- Anumeha


• Spondylitis and severe pain in multiple parts of the body significantly reduced after Sonal's reading and remedies.

- Jeena

Sonal's Limited-Period Special Offers

Special Package : Learn Tarot Practitioner Course (Level 1)


✓ Read for yourself, your family & clients

✓ Get practice sessions & professional support

✓ Start as a professional soon after the training!

Total 10 hrs live course on Zoom

(Across 5 days, 2 hrs each day)


✓ Class recordings (viewable for a year)

✓ PDF notes & Practice sheets

✓ Practitioner’s E-certificate

Participants to buy their own Rider Waite Tarot deck & Tarot cloth (Sonal will share recommendations of e-shops to buy)


• Uses of Tarot for all areas of life

• How to read for yourself & others

• Attuning and connecting with your cards

• Cleansing and protecting your cards

• Handling and ways to read the cards

• Tips to develop your Intuition

• Understanding the 4 Suits or Elements (Pentacles, Cups, Swords, Wands)• Learn Major & Minor Arcana Cards

• Colours and Tarot

• Identifying Themes & Daily Card Analysis

• Tarot Card Combination Pairs and Group of cards

• Tarot Spreads: 3 card spreads; Yes or No spread

• How to tell a story or summarise a reading

• Timing in Tarot

• Tarot Ethics

• Ready-to-use E-Templates for Tarot spreads



5 Live Group Practice Sessions

(1.5hrs each, on Zoom)


Free Revision of Course

To be availed once, within 1 year


2 MP3s

1. Grounding

2. To Develop Your Intuition


1-year WhatsApp Group Support!

Ask questions, stay updated



Professional support with your first 5 clients


Lifetime Access to Sonal’s This Week’s 3 Summit-Calls’ Replays


10 hrs live course on Zoom

(Across 5 days, 2 hrs each day)

OPTION 1 (Weekend Batch)

Dates: 27, 28 July & 3, 4, 11 August 2024

Time: 10am - 12pm India / 12.30am - 2.30am ET


OPTION 2 (Weekday batch)

Dates: 7, 12, 14, 21, 26 August 2024

Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm India / 9am - 11am ET


Practice Sessions schedule to be announced during course

Personal Session Package:
Deep Analysis Personal Online Tarot Session (30 mins)

Personal Session Package with Sonal M Kapadia: Deep Analysis Personal Online Tarot Session (30 mins)


• Ask unlimited questions for any topics - like career, or love, or marriage, or health, or finance within the given duration


• Session on Zoom 


• Audio recording of session available on request 


• Not applicable - Question related to death, legal advice, medical remedies, lottery, gambling and stock market


• On payment, Sonal’s calendar link will be shared with you. You can choose a convenient time in that for your session with her



• Clarifications on WhatsApp chat within 3 months (related to the personal session) 

• 3-card Angel Reading complimentary during the tarot session

• Lifetime access to Sonal’s 3 Call-Replays (from The Mystic Lotus AWESOME! Healers' Training Summit 2024)

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Meet Your Trainer, Sonal M Kapadia


Sonal discovered her intuitive abilities as a teenager, often foreseeing events and making things fall into place unexpectedly. Her spiritual journey was inspired by her maternal grandmother, a healer devoted to Santoshi Mata, who held gatherings to help people with their problems. This spiritual environment influenced Sonal deeply, drawing her toward spirituality, goddess worship, music, and mantras.


In 2017, following a divorce, Sonal embarked on her official spiritual journey, seeking her soul's purpose. She studied various modalities including Tarot reading, Oracle cards, Akashic Records, Past Life Regression therapy, NLP, Theta Healing, Energy Healing, Chakra Tarot Astrology, Chakra Balancing, and Sound Healing. Sonal not only reads but also provides remedies using crystal bracelets, Switchwords, and Energy Circles, offering customized solutions for her clients.


Sonal views Tarot as a tool for understanding the present, akin to Google Maps, offering guidance for one's highest good and aiding in decision-making. She recommends Tarot readings every three months.


Sonal integrates her acquired teaching skills into her healing practice, creating engaging and informative sessions for her students. She emphasises a rational approach in her readings, empowering clients to make their own decisions while adhering to strict ethical standards. She maintains confidentiality, avoids reading without permission, and refrains from answering questions about death, legal, or medical issues.


Sonal's teaching is praised for its patience, well-organised and colourful presentations, making concepts easy to grasp. She encourages her students to adopt a positive outlook and gratitude, as she does. Her journey reflects continuous growth and an unwavering commitment to her path.

If you have any questions or need help, connect with us:


Ph: +91 93220 17119

Click to WhatsApp:

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