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This is how The Spirit World speaks to us!

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Holaaa Peoples!

We all seek answers to our life questions, to know whether we are on the right path, what we should do in our careers, and so on and speak with our loved ones, friends, mentors and even life coaches, healers. But when we need spiritual advice in troubling situations we often go to scriptures, gurus and those who know about such wisdom. What if I tell you that you can gain all of this spiritual wisdom not from a third party but from the source itself? Yupp, that’s Automatic Writing!

Auto-writing is the psychic ability where the hand (with a pen) moves automatically on a piece of paper and you receive answers, guidance, messages & more by connecting with deceased loved ones, angels, Ascended Masters. However, the most important thing is that only those people can practise automatic writing who have been connected with the spirit realm with a protective link via someone already linked to the realm!

Today, I’d like to share about the book, ‘The Laws of the Spirit World’ by Khorshed Bhavnagri. If you’ve been interested in Automatic Writing or Healing Modalities, chances are you might’ve already read this beautiful book as it’s like a foundation (as I would like to call it) on the spirit world but if you haven’t, you must as this book contains all about the spirit world, how it works and how Automatic writing can help you connect with deceased loved ones and even spirit guides for guidance on our journey on earth!

For those of you who don’t know what this book is all about, I’ll give you a brief… The book is channelled by Khorshed-ji from the spirit realm by her sons, Vispi and Ratoo who crossed over after an accident and connected to their parents through auto writers and later she attuned herself and channelled messages herself. Her sons, being kind and helpful souls, decided to share all about the laws of God Almighty to us on earth so we too could progress spiritually faster and help others too in their journey and thus the book was written.

Essentially a book with 5 parts or volumes, it was condensed after some changes in the laws of the spirit realm into the book we all are grateful for!

The entire book is filled with pearls of wisdom and insights like marriages were created by wise men to safeguard children and they aren’t destined but they do have a higher purpose, that is the couple together help and guide their children and face life’s problems together and to quote the book, “Harmony and happiness at home are most necessary for every human being on Earth”.

But what does the spirit realm look like? It has 7 realms and each with stages 0-9 in the spirit world, where level 4 is the middle with light and dark co-existing and where we human souls start our journeys and 1-3 being like hell (dark) and realms 5-7 being like heaven (full of light).

And now coming to the biggest question that people think of when it comes to connecting with crossed over loved ones, are we disturbing them? The book gives a beautiful answer that we are on an infinite journey and what dies is the physical self and we don’t disturb them as they are more alive and vibrant than we are!

Our subconscious mind is connected to the spirit realm as it remembers the soul’s journey across lifetimes and the spirit world too but keeps it hidden from our conscious awareness as we would always long to be to that beautiful heavenly place!

So, this is why our subconscious mind holds the key to all our answers and the more we listen to it the more we grow spiritually in our soul's journey and if we ignore it, it goes dormant. So, listening to it is the key to life!

Real stories with which we can learn and progress, this book is a guide for all of us spiritual seekers with guidance meant to connect each soul on earth and bring them closer to their soul mission!

If you wish to read this book, you can buy it on amazon here!

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Lots of Love, Light & Stars,



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