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Channelling: The Superpower to receive guidance from ancestors, angels & many more higher beings!

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Helloo Beautiful Souls!!

There’s something I’d like to ask you today, have you ever felt like it would be so amazing to have some higher being guide you about your life? Like if only you knew this could happen, you could’ve prepared better?

I felt that too.

I had once signed up to exhibit my products for an exhibition post covid, with all the stars in my eyes. Hoping it to be my big break, I put in long hours of work, curating products especially for this event, packaging it and doing the creatives.. Not to mention the amount of money that went into all of the prep work.

But the event wasn’t much of a success, with few people attending it, I was naturally disappointed! And although I wouldn’t deny the good experience I had, it wasn’t what I wanted and expected.

At that moment, my only thought was, If only I would’ve had the slightest hint that this could happen, I would have perhaps changed my approach, or maybe even done lesser investments.

I know all of us have been in similar situations as well atleast once..

And my curiosity to receive answers and guidance from Lord Ganesha (I’m a huge devotee of him since childhood), higher beings, angels, my higher self or spirit guides; I came across Channelling and Mediumship, a live call on zoom, from an expert; Dr.Geetanjali Saxena on the Mystic Lotus Awesome Divination Shakti Virtual Summit.

This felt like a beautiful gift from the Universe to bless us with a divination tool that connects us with our deceased loved ones, angels, spirit guides and many more higher beings!

I have always believed that we’re spiritual beings on a human journey and as we sail through this river of life, oftentimes we face situations and roadblocks that require guidance, support and assistance from higher beings who can help us in our Highest Good.

Channelling a message brings in hope, peace, an understanding of what to expect in the future which may help us make better choices, invariably leading to better outcomes in the future. (Like I shared earlier about my experience)

However, the term Mediumship is not something i have been comfortable with because of the myths associated; where you are a medium to channelise messages from deceased loved ones and from the spirit realm; however I realised it is not letting the spirit enter your body, but being a conduit for the channelling to happen. This did clear some air but the more exciting part was yet to come..

Some of us who have unfortunately lost our loved ones, would want to know how they are, get a chance to communicate with them, to just let them know we love them & it would mean the world to us if we just got even one loving message from them!!

And Channelling & Mediumship gives us that beautiful chance, an experience beyond words!

On that note, I’d like to share with you the name of a book that has the wonderful knowledge of afterlife and channeling! It’s a personal favorite; ‘Laws of the Spirit World’ by Khorshed Bhavnagri. Infact, Shaimak Dawar, a renowned Indian choreographer has also learnt it from her!

BTW, Have you ever heard of the term Higher Self?

Thanks to countless pick-a-cards on instagram, I have always come across this but I never knew the real meaning.

Thanks to Mystic Lotus, on this call, I got to know our Higher Self is a metaphysical representation of us and we are a physical embodiment of our Higher self!

What fascinated me the most is when Dr Geetanjali shared that one higher self can have various physical embodiments, which actually means that many of us can have the same higher self; like Dr Geetanjali has the same as her husband!

Whom do I share my higher self with? I don’t know yet, but I’m definitely gonna find that out and update you!

With my logical side coming over, I was intrigued for sure, but there was some doubt too, but this message channelled from Archangel Michael for 2023, bowled me over!

If you know me, you would know I have been wanting to release some more weight since long and just when I was thinking about it, look at the synchronicity of the Universe, a small part of the message was Archangel Michael saying that all of those looking for weight reduction would get success in it in 2023! Now, Kudos to that!! I will definitely reach my goal with my buddy, The Decrees!

But there was a question still running in my mind, what about all of us who have had no experience, receiving answers?

Perhaps, the Universe heard me, as DrGeetanjali shared all of us are psychic and our gut feeling proving right is also us channelling!

Even though there have been various incidents in my life wherein I have had a gut feeling of knowing that something would happen, just like the other day I knew the cafe I was going to with my best friend wouldn’t be that great but I still went to the place ignoring my gut feeling.. That’s when I realised the only prerequisite for us is to Trust the guidance we receive, no matter what and not let our logical minds in it.

It was surprising to know that autistic children are old souls; they incur no karma in this lifetime, for they don’t hurt anyone and are just here to complete their karma, especially with the mother and immediate family.

I know it is a sensitive topic to discuss but understanding it from a spiritual perspective could really help anyone who is looking for answers.

This call coming to me was definitely divinely guided, because even though I didn’t get a chance to interact with Dr Geetanjali, but I definitely got a different perspective on my exhibition that I missed and it’s connected to a very important dream wish I have had since years.

Like , Love and comment below if you’d like to know what perspective I received!

And hey, do tell me too on what you would like to know from your spirit guides, ancestors and angels!

You can reach out to me here if you’d like to share something with me!

Lots of Love & Stars,



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