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The NumeroLOGIC You didn’t know you needed!

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

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Helloo Beautiful souls!!

Are you a Number 3 or a number 6? A number 2 or a number 5?

I'm number 1!

Did you notice? You just knew I’m asking about your Numerology date of birth without even realizing it! That’s how powerful numbers are in life!

Today, I came across my old notes of philosophy as I was clearing my space, and glancing upon one of those, I landed up on Pythagoras!

We all know the infamous Pythagorean theorems from school that we shared a love-hate relationship with but not all of us knew Pythagoreans had shared with the world the ancient science of numbers and believed that the universe works on the energy of numbers! Each number holding a unique energy and power, influences our life!

But maybe the Universe had something more and I came across a Divination summit call hosted by The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies on Numerology with an expert numerologist, Nehaa Goyal!

I feel right from our date of birth to our name number, every number vibrates on a unique frequency, creating the results we experience in our life! But are they working for us or not?

That’s what Google baba can’t tell us and so we need Numerologists!

Trust me, as a curious girl I have hit google search to see what my numbers say about me or how is my personality and even though I could relate to some things, there are doubts.

We are billions of people in the world and all of us are unique, then how can we rely on a few lines to understand our uniqueness?

Now, I don’t deny the importance of the knowledge of these articles but an Expert understanding is something super personal, isn’t it?

Have you heard about the Teleological argument?

It’s a philosophical argument which says that the amazing order and the absolute beauty of the world just cannot be created by chance. There’s something Higher or Divine which has blessed us with this zindagi!!

That’s what Nehaa shared on the call which caught my attention, in fact, you know, the most amazing thing she shared was about our human body!

Did you know number 1’s (like me and some of you!😉) are like our heart organ, they prefer to work independently even though it’s connected to the entire body!

Not just this, are You a number 2 or know someone who’s a number 2? The Kidneys can tell you more! Although they can work individually, they won’t work optimally in that state; and that’s similar to number 2’s as they like to work in teams!

Now, I don’t mean there’s any number better than the other, each is unique in its own special way! I know we have those myths surrounding a number 4 or 8.

But do you know, I’ve heard number 4’s are really good looking people!! ( Guys, I mean have you seen Kiara Advani or Robert Downey?)

Nehaa Goyal, on the call had shared that 8 is the number of power and stable growth, which is what we all need right?

You know, there was someone in my family who on the basis of numerology, had decided on what day she would have her child enter the world. But some emergency led her to labor a few days before and her baby came on a different day.

This made me think that there must be something in the power of these numbers and its vibrations that we were born on a particular date because of our karmas.

Even though changing that is not in our hands, what we can do is alter the frequency of our name number to match our goals, desires, and dreams!

You may wonder why it is necessary.

Think about this,

What is your identity? What do people call you by?

Your Name!

That’s how people know you, that’s the frequency you vibe on every moment!

Even Nehaa on the call shared how she changed her name spellings, she added an extra ‘a’ and uses Goyal instead of Goel ( her family uses this surname spelling) This change has helped her attract her professional goals, platforms where she can showcase her work, etc.

How cool is that right?

Changing the vibrations of your number is not going to give you overnight success, but it makes you feel free, like you are on the driving seat of your life, changing gears and feeling confident enough to handle changes that lie ahead!

Sometimes, we know what to do, but we’re unable to do it, this is the gap numerology fills!

I even aligned myself to the energy of number 1 with a beautiful mp3 curated by Nehaa. You can too, here

It was amazing and I felt confident and happy like the Sun! An experience worth having for all of us who want to be number 1’s in life!

I also got an amazing gift on the call as Nehaa gifted everyone a wallpaper for 2023 that can help you feel grounded, positive & see the vision when you feel confused.

I’m definitely going to set it as my wallpaper to align myself to 2023!

BTW, Does your work involve research, import and export? Are you in the field of Ayurveda, psychology, occult sciences or do you run an NGO??

Then 2023 is going to be great for you!!

(P.S. 2023 is the year of number 7, Ketu!)

The most amazing thing is that with the help of a certified numerologist we can imbibe the qualities of certain numbers that can help us enhance our lives in many areas, be it love or career!

In fact, Numerologist Nehaa Goyal has some beautiful mp3’s of each number which I’d love to use to enhance my life!

I would love to have the beautiful energy of number 6 (Venus) in my life, which one do you want in your life?

Do let me know too in the comments section below!

Like, Love and share if this blog was NumeroLOGICAL for you and do share your views with us!

Spreading Love, Light & stars,



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