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Switch your life with Switchwords!

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What if I tell you that you can switch your life and manifest your dreams with simple and easy to use Modern age mantras?

You’d love to give them a try, right?

That’s what I did too!

With the internet, there are countless Switchwords available to help us manifest all that we desire. But how do we use something unless we understand it from an expert? That’s what I did and the Universe played cupid, bringing to me a masterclass on Switchwords with Nehaa Shaah hosted by the Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies on their most awaited, Healers Training Summit.

While there were countless takeaways and loads of Switchwords, I have collated something special for you!

Switchwords are individual words that hold the power to activate the subconscious mind, change thought patterns, and create shifts in our energy fields. Used to manifest specific desires, these magical words stand true to their USP of ease and simplicity. Although it was popularized by James T. Mangan, an American businessman and author, in the mid-20th century, Switchwords are one of the most sought after healing tools today.

Based on the idea that our words carry vibrations, we can align our energy to our desires with the use of specific switchwords. They can surpass the barriers of our conscious mind and are known to help in focusing our energy towards our desire.

P.S. Stay until the end and get the 2-step Switchphrase for Karma Clearance.

Now that you know how these magic words work, here’s some to help you!

COUNT - to attract more money!

REACH - to find something you lost or cannot locate, like our car or house keys.

ADJUST - to balance energies and handle a problem effectively, be it with your boss or colleagues.

HO - to reduce tension.

ICECUBE - pain relief

But what if I want a good job with a high pay or I need money urgently? These manifestations would require more than one Switchword and that’s where Switchphrases step in.

Switchphrases are a combination of switchwords. Try some here:

BRING-NEW-HOME: Chant this with the intention of buying a new house. This will help you find new opportunities and options for the house your looking for.

BRING-COUNT-WOLF-NOW: Chant this to meet your urgent financial needs.

P.S. Nehaa uses the switchword Wolf (an animal spirit guide known for it’s magical & mystical qualities and can manifest anything with it)

REACH-DIVINE-JOB-COUNT-DONE: Chant this to find the right job you will love with divine intervention and with the money you wish to earn!

Aren’t these really great? If you’ve already fallen in love with these switchwords, wait until you get the one for Karma Clearance as promised!

With its 2-step process, it works wonders to heal repetitive patterns.

Step 1: With the intention that you’ve learnt the karmic lesson and ready to move ahead with acceptance, Chant: Honeysuckle-RELEASE-Phoenix-FREEDOM

Chant as per your intuition for any number of days and times.

Step 2: When you feel a completion, move towards new beginnings with this: CUT-SHUT-OPEN-FLOWER-CHOOSE-NEW-WAVE

Armed with the right knowledge, here are some creative ways you can use these Switchwords in your daily life.

  1. Write it on the left part of your body

  2. Write it on the Water bottle on your desk

  3. Meditate on it

  4. Write it on a piece of paper and keep it under your pillow!

  5. Journal it!

Nehaa has many more ways and she teaches them in her workshop. Know the amazing course contents and the cost effective price here

Until then, do like, comment and share this blog to all your loved ones and empower them with these little powerful modern mantras!



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