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Speed Up Manifestation with Switchwords!

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Holaa Peoplesss!

The words we speak hold great power! We humans have been blessed with the ability to speak, to express our desires, feelings and emotions with our loved ones and even to The Universe!

Each day, we send out a message to the Universe asking for something we wish to have, be it a good relationship with our family and friends or a great house, a happy life and much more!

Sometimes, we manifest it and sometimes, unfortunately we don’t. Why? The Universe speaks a language of Yes! The Universe doesn’t just respond to what we ask consciously but to the language of our subconscious too. For example, consciously we may be asking for say a happy relationship with a loving partner but unconsciously we may hold fears about love and having a relationship. In this situation, the Universe would keep us safe and not let that manifestation happen and we may think it isn’t working. But The Universe always works for us, it simply responds!

But hey! There’s a solution too! SWITCHWORDS!

The words that switch and surpass our conscious thinking and reach the subconscious to directly help you manifest all that you desire!

Coming from the great author, James T. Mangan with his book, ‘The Secret of Perfect Living’ wrote about how language and words can bridge the gap between conscious and unconscious mind to manifest our dreams and goals.

The words in switchwords are not literal words but counterintuitive, powerful and chosen that help us switch our subconscious at a level so deep that you connect with your goals and desires and ultimately attract them!

And I credit all of this understanding to Khushaali Gaurrang Somaiya, an expert at The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies Awesome! Choose Love Summit who came on and shared these wonderful insights along with super case studies!

It may be sounding too magical, but what are we if not dreamers and secretly longing for some magic in our lives?!🥰❤️

By keeping an intention and chanting switchwords, we tend to remember our intentions each time we chant and we eventually program our subconscious with it!

Switchwords can help in increasing understanding, healing fears, uncertainty, limiting beliefs that stop you from achieving your desires! And the key is to Surrender and have willingness, the rest is taken care of by the switchwords!

But sometimes, we have a lot of thoughts like when will I get it? How long do I need to wait? Now I’ve done it for 3 days, how much more? I can’t wait longer, maybe it’s not meant to happen, I can’t manifest it, etc, etc.

These thoughts then create blocks like impatience and lack of trust which may delay our results. And this is exactly where proxy chanting helps! Proxy Chanting is when an expert understands our intentions, creates a personalised switchphrase from it and chants it on our behalf! And the blocks of impatience, lack of trust, belief, etc won’t be a block to the experts as they are detached to our situation and work with the intentions and not to forget, for our highest good!

Don’t believe it? Try this Switchword Chanting process that Khushaali did on the call where all you need to do is take water, sit with it as Khushaali chants, let the water absorb the positive switchwords and let the magic begin!

I personally tried it and trust me, the water felt a bit sweeter and I kept on sipping that for the next two days and I noticed how calm I was and despite a lot of things happening, I was somehow keeping my cool. So, why don’t you gain the benefits too by clicking here.

While you let your water switch its energy, do let us know your experience and if you may have any queries, do email me here or just comment below! Don’t forget to like and share with your loved ones too! 💐🥰

Lots of Love, Light & Stars,



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