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Meet Rudraksha seeds: Lord Shiva’s gift to Humanity!

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Today, meet the seeds holding the infinite power of healing - Rudraksha with an interesting story!

Lord Shiva - The God that is one third of the Holy Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and is described as the start, from where everything began and will ultimately lead into! He is known for his generous boons, nature of forgiveness, simple lifestyle yet his anger is feared.

There is a story which states how Lord Shiva meditated for years for the well being of all creatures in the Universe but as he opened his eyes, all he could see was people in pain and suffering. Lord Shiva was unable to see all of this and began shedding tears which were transformed into seeds or fruits of a tree. These are none other than Rudrakshas which are two words together; Rudra - Lord Shiva and Aksha - tears!

These mystical seeds have different numbers of faces or facets on it which are known as mukhi and they are like lines on the seed. It ranges from 1-21 faces/ mukhis and one being the rarest!

Sages and rishis in the ancient times would wear rudraksha beads and soon realised how these beads are not just beads but hold a mystical healing power to it!

Holding the power to heal health issues, emotional blocks, mental health issues and even financial issues, these rudraksha beads can even protect us from black magic, heal addictions and even help in finding a life partner! Isn’t it so amazing?!

But how do you know which mukhi rudraksha is right for you? Each mukhi rudraksha is connected with a particular planet and number vibration and with this, we can understand the issues that it can help heal. For example, Dr Geetanjali shared how a 5 mukhi rudraksha is for planet Jupiter and can help in diabetes among other areas!

All of this and more was shared by Dr Geetanjali on her call on The Mystic Lotus Awesome! HEALthier Be! Summit.

Now, there are a lot of doubts within people on the right way of wearing rudrakshas as being connected to Lord Shiva there are certain religious beliefs and restrictions among which the most common is the consumption of meat as Lord Shiva is known to consume sattvic food only!

To solve this, Dr Geetanjali brings in the magic of water therapy! Soak the beads of rudraksha overnight in a glass of water and consume the water the next day. As water holds memory, it absorbs the healing and medicinal power of rudraksha beads and that’s it! The simplicity of healing with these beads is what is the most beautiful thing!

And hey, looking to receive a message from Lord Shiva himself? Watch this and listen to the channelled message! It’s meant for you to know!

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