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Are you aware of the REAL reason of your pain?

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When I was in college, a friend of mine had anxiety issues that were affecting her studies and her career she was once so excited about! As friends, when we spoke to her about it, she shared how it was related to her relationship. Having known her we knew her boyfriend treated her inappropriately and when we told her about it, she refused to believe or accept it as she feared having a life without him.

At that time, we couldn’t tell her more or push her but she eventually seeked therapy and worked on her issues and is now in a happy and loving relationship with a thriving career!

But that incident made me think about how her emotions were leading to her anxiety and other issues and that there might be one reason that would be universal to all the trauma and health issues people face, but even after a lot of research I couldn’t find that one answer UNTIL last week I can across a masterclass by The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies where Nidhu B Kapoor, the expert and sharer of the fastest healing modality in the world, shared the only 1 reason of trauma. And that was:

Someone you love very much and they hurt you very badly.

But not all of us react the same way to this right? And Nidhu shared the symptoms that happen:

Some may refuse to accept (like my friend) which leads to anxiety, arthritis or even acidity.

Some may fight it, trying their best to prove themselves worthy of the other person’s love and that sometimes shows up in cancer

Some of us may try to think about what happened or what we did wrong that led them to treat us badly which shows up in neck and shoulder problems

A few of us may not be able to make peace with it which can show up with diabetes

Some may just wait for some magic to happen and that person changes… this may show up in chest, lung or heart issues

We may even be scared to be happy without them or just don’t know how to and that shows up in our kidneys,thyroid or bladder issues

But there’s something that connects all these and that is, something has happened, but we haven’t processed it rather digested the fact that it happened.

When we cannot digest it is when it gets stuck and stuckness gives rise to stagnation and therefore lack of immunity.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t heal it. Remember any ailment doesn’t happen overnight, it works in layers and happens over 20-25 years of buildup of that trauma.

But the good news is, IT CAN BE HEALED THE FASTEST WAY WITH WORD MEDICINE aka The Decrees!

Here’s The Decree for it -







And just by saying these, I just automatically felt lighter and calmer, just try saying these and experience its benefits! It's that easy! SAY IT TO HEAL IT!

For those of you who are new to the world of Word Medicine, They are the language of light, the language of ascension, the language of the superconscious and you will sense the shifts immediately as you say these power packed words! (You would have felt shifts just as you said the Decrees above)

You can also check out my earlier blog on weight release (not loss, to know why, check out the blog!) WITH The Decrees here

Also, repair your immunity each night with this ritual I have been trying for the past 4 days and I can say that my backache has healed more than 90%! Try it yourself here

Come back here and tell us the shifts you experienced and for more Decree Magic & shifts in seconds, watch the entire call here

Until then, do Like, Love and share this blog with your loved ones if you liked it and also comment below and tell us if this blog helped you in any way!




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