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A Flatter belly with words? Yup that’s possible with Nidhu B Kapoor!

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Helloo Peoples!

Don’t all of us want a flatter belly, a slimmer waistline and a hot bod? Definitely Yess!

But have you ever thought about the fact that whenever we speak about our bodies, a flatter belly is what we think of as the first thing! The reason being our bellies are connected with how we feel about ourselves; our self esteem, confidence and self worth!

But oftentimes than not, we try to get ourselves to the gym, but more often than not, our hectic schedules and work life doesn't let us; and sometimes it’s just us being lazy, we have all been there.

And in this desire and willingness to have a flatter belly but the lack of time to achieve it, we feel helpless. And that was me too, when I reached the highest of my weight with the pandemic , but only until The Decrees became my buddy for a flatter belly!

And I would love to share my experience with you about the Flatter belly with words Masterclass, I attended on 23rd November 2022 hosted by Nidhu B Kapoor, the OG owner and sharer of the quickest, simplest and fastest healing modality in the world, THE DECREES!

With the duo, Neelu and Nidhu on a call, you can never have a dull moment, and this is something I can vouch for! Along with them, there were some fantastic eye openers for me on the call, including the visceral fat of the belly and of course, feeling my abs crunch but without doing one!

Did you know the planet of expansion Jupiter rules our bellies? And with it going direct on 23rd November, it can make us feel a bit bloated.

Women around the time of perimenopause and menopause go through various changes and with the role of procreation changing for women at this time, the energy decrease is more and things can make women feel irritated. And with the body in conservation mode, it gets difficult to workout as the body wishes to conserve energy for the transformation happening in the body. A similar situation takes place in midlife for men too and the energy levels and bandwidth changes.

The fat in our bellies isn’t the same as the normal body fat, it is Visceral fat. The difference is that normal fat has multiple cells but visceral fat has multiple cells in multiple layers. And there is a correlation between how much of an unsafe and stressed out life we have had, the more powerful the visceral fat is; the more difficult it is to shed it.

Try this warm up with words and feel a difference in your abs! With your dominant hand finger, trace “WOW!” over your bellies. For the next round, do it with this word- “WO2W!” This is the easiest warm up I have ever done in my life!!

The workout is even more fun with words and you can feel your abs going in, releases from your body taking place through either yawns, burps, or the body warming up!

Now there’s something important and really intriguing about saying the word weight Release and not loss; A loss is something that you didn’t want to, like a favorite gadget or sometimes even relationships. It’s associated with the feeling of sadness, guilt, sometimes even remorse; basically it is something you would not want to part with. And now just imagine what would happen if you use the word loss with weight; you are subconsciously going to want it back the moment you get a chance. Now look at release; it is something you willingly let go of, releasing it from your system, parting away with a sense of contentment and you are subconsciously sending a message that it’s over, you let it go with ease and are not looking for it again!

So people , the next time you talk about weight, remember the Decree language and use the word Release!

On that note, I would love to share that the next morning I have seen a release of approximately 100-200 grams!

Now, I know it might not be a biggie but to release even this much with just a few words is something I loved!

Now if just a call can do this to me, then I can already imagine how much my belly would turn flatter after the challenge in December!

And I am already in my dreamland with my flatter belly for the new years!!

If you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for!

To get access to the complete call, you can buy it here.

And see you on the December challenge!!!

(By the way, have you Turbo Charged your Water? )


And if you have any doubts or want to share your experience, We would love to hear back from you,

You can email us here:


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