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All The Call Timings are 6.30pm India / 9am ET / 1pm GMT


Sanghamitra Chatterjee

Born psychic and abundance specialist

How to be an Abundance Magnet with Maha Ashta Lakshmi Reiki

Gurujee .png

Dr HitteshGurujee

Award-winning healer, author and
media personality

Vastu Shastra-Redesign destiny with Vastu Shastra Science

Nehaa Shaah

Combines Switchwords with Energy
Circles & 10 more techniques!

Switchwords-Empower with Switchwords superpowers!

Upma Shrivastava

India’s award-winning Astrologer

Become a Time Management expert with the Planets

Aleesha Agarwal Goyal


Parent of 20+ pets!

Animal Communication - Learn to Connect Beyond Words

Original Master; Creator of the Light
Keys Healing System

Light Key Frequencies -
How to Transform pain to positivity 

Dr Geetanjali Saxena
India's top expert, trained under Dr Brian Weiss

Past Life Regression - 
Unlock mysteries & move forward - Train in Past Life Regression

Janki Ravani

International Happiness Coach
& Som
atic Healer

Happy Body Ho'oponopono - How to forgive for health and manifestation

Nidhu B Kapoor
Owner & sharer of the world's fastest
healing modality, The Decrees

Word Medicine aka The Decrees-
How to become a Karmic Light Warrior in 5 Mins!

Shveta Sharma

Healed 500+ People’s Records

Become an Akashic Records Reader - Heal with life's timeless wisdom

Brenda Charu_edited.jpg

Brenda & Charu

Founders of the B&C Miracle Method

Healthy Spine - Pathway to Health with the B&C Miracle Method

Nandita Sharma White Background.png

Nandita Sharma

Born psychic &

multi-modality expert

Mokshapat - Learn the Path to Moksha

Deepakk Raisinghani

Gifted psychic; Creator of the Third Eye Ascension healing system

Third Eye Ascension-Learn to become a Psychic with Third Eye Ascension

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