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Nidhu B Kapoor

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Become a Karmic Light Warrior!

✔ World’s most intensive Karma completing work

✔ Includes Word medicine, breathwork, life-changing insights

✔ Saturn's Decrees Course; Nidhu’s VIP Speedster session at unbelievable price

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Healers' Training Summit 2023

Highlights from the Call

• Click here to make high vibration turbo-charged water

• Click here to reduce pain, any body discomfort IN SECONDS using 3 words 

• Click here to know the breakthrough connection between evolution and Karma

• Click here to see how WE are plants and animals too! 

• Click here to know the REAL reason we stay in toxic situations

• Click here to know why we need Karma 

• Click here to try word medicine and meet your unique ancestors! 

• Click here to DIY - 2-minute body alchemy for healing yourself!

• Click here to know the ways in which we do karma and the biggest blocker to Karma completion

• Click here to know the 6 qualifications to become a healer

Click here to take the Karma blockages Quiz


CLICK HERE to watch Call Replay 2

Highlights from Call Replay 2

• Click Here- Feel better IN SECONDS! Try word medicine

• Click Here - See how WE are like plants & animals!

• Click Here - See how animals give us pyschic powers!

• Click Here - Creepy crawlies in the house? Know THIS!

• Click Here - We cannot heal Karma. Instead, we can... 

• Click Here - Feel shifts with Question Decrees and Number Decrees IN SECONDS! 

• Click Here - Not getting results? Know the connection between your Karma & Dharma here!

• Click Here - Know the difference between Karma and free will

• Click Here - Karma is THE Law of Attraction


CLICK HERE to watch Call Replay 3

Highlights from Call Replay 3

Click Here - Receive! Word Medicine for Karmic blockages

• Click Here - Experience Word Medicine with zero-movement workout!

• Click Here - Do This ONE Thing for Your biggest block!

About Karma Work with Word Medicine aka
The Decrees with Nidhu B Kapoor

Saturn, the planet of Karma is retrograde from 17th June 2023 until November. Now is an incredible opportunity to work through our Karma (the good and the challenging).

Saturday is Saturn's day. All the Saturdays until November are going to be more important, as they will let us know about our Karma Kompletion cycles.

Clear, complete or begin new Karmas with retrograde expert, Moonworker, owner and sharer of The Decrees, Nidhu B Kapoor. Do this with life-changing insights, knowing your birthday karma, solving the Karma quiz and using the Decrees.

Word Medicine aka The Decrees is simply, saying words to heal, clear, attract and manifest. They are not affirmations and they are not switchwords, they are in a supersonic category of their own!

You will sense the shifts immediately as you say these power packed words, including the one Great Word that can move mountains!

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Your Healer-Instructor, Nidhu B Kapoor


Owner & sharer of these supersonic Commands, Nidhu B Kapoor is the world’s only practitioner doing 5 and 10 minute sessions, that’s how quickly Word Medicine works!

Her OG workshops include The Chronic Project Protocol, Apsara Curse Removal, Entity removal with words, Flatter Belly With just saying Words, Weight release with Words, Awakening The flower within, Awakening The Empress within, Awakening The Millionaire within, The ultimate pain reliever and Anti-Allergies by just saying words. Did you get to try out her 18 no med pain relief tips? 

Self confessed food addict recoverer (thanks to The Decrees!), she is also the only retrograde practitioner in the world! 

Using ancient wisdom from The Gita, Vedanta, ayurveda, Chi Gong and moon cycles, she has worked with 1000s of people around the globe! Bollywood superstar Vidya Balan swears by her and her Word Medicine and you’ll see why with this Call!

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