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Upma Shrivastava

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Astrology-Related Tools for Daily Success!

✔ No prior astrology knowledge required

​✔ Learn to guide yourself and others

​✔ PDF notes, call replays, support, e-certificate, etc.

✔ Option to avail detailed personal consultation

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Healers' Training Summit 2023

Highlights from the Call

Click Here to Download PDF -
Manifestation Yantra with Steps to Energise It

• Click here - 4 Important Astro-Concepts EXPLAINED!

• Click here - Be successful daily with the planets (includes WOW examples)

• Click here - Avoid buying rice on a Saturday, know why 

• Click here - Is overflowing boiling milk good or bad? Know here

• Click here - Looking for support staff? Employ them on this day

• Click here - Astrology mini-sessions for daily success 

• Click here - Astrology remedies for a happy Saturn!

• Click here - Husband, children, business - Daily success using astro-hours!

• Click here - 7 Astro-remedies for 7 days of the week


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About Time Management with Planets with Upma-ji

Planets, although afar, play a significant role in our lives. The way they are positioned at the time of our birth reveals a lot about our behaviour and situations in this lifetime. Once we decode this, we can plan our lives in a way that we do the right thing at the right time, like planning doctor visits to heal faster.

From understanding the profession from a lunar day to the importance of each day and hour, the awareness of planets helps us create new neural pathways bringing in happiness and solving financial problems.

Save time and money, plan your life with your 9 friends, the planets of Vedic Astrology!

Amazing Benefits of Learning to Manage Life with Planets (Astrology) with Upma-ji

​ ★ Upma-ji's this course does not need you to have prior knowledge of Astrology

★ Concepts from Upma-ji will enable you to guide yourself and others

★ Receive from Upma-ji's 20+ years' experience, wisdom and easy, tried-and-tested techniques

★ Upma-ji shares the simplest way to know the favourable directions and time

★ Upma-ji shares how to plan for success by the hour with ease!

★ Upma-ji will teach you to create your personalised energetic signature to boost manifestation

★ Receive easy and effective remedies from Upma-ji who has guided 10,000+ people across the world

Learn Tools for success in any area of your life

★ Major (or minor) decisions related to health / finance / relationship / career / education / family

★ Ideal profession / career choice for a person

★ Job interviews

★ Travel and visa

★ Events - wedding-related / housewarming / family functions / employee engagement programs, etc.

★ Appointments - medical / dental / surgeries / romantic dates, etc.

★ Other - Shopping; speaking with Boss, children, others for best results, etc.

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Your Healer-Instructor, Upma Shrivastava


Upma Shrivastava is a multiple-award-winning Astrologer for the past 20 years and has worked with over 10,000 people. She has been bestowed with the illustrious ‘Jyotish Shastracharya’, ‘Jyotish Rishi’ awards for excellence in astrology along with the prestigious ‘Vaastu Ratna’ award. She is also an expert in modalities related to astrology – Numerology, Vastu and Reiki.

Upma-Ji herself began learning astrology during her phase of Saade Saati, when people started to create fears and misunderstandings around it, to understand Saturn and how it affects us as a Karmic planet.

Coming from a traditional family where girls were meant to be housewives, Upma-ji too had experienced differences in her relationship. With astrology to her rescue, her perception changed & she got a bigger picture of life.

She recognises that people turn to astrology when they are either facing a difficult situation or must make a critical decision in their life. So, Upma-ji goes to the depths of her astrological skills to understand the individual, their dreams, desires, shortcomings, potential and their unique individual personality, with the aim of giving them the best possible guidance and solutions.

Upma-ji’s articles on the subject have been published in The Economic Times and other media.

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