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Nandita Sharma

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Mokshapat: Life-guidance and path to freedom!

✔ Give reading, remedies & guidance for self and others

​✔ Get PDF board, manual; call replays; support

✔ Hugely supportive bonuses to enhance your mastery

✔ Option to take personal reading session too

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Healers' Training Summit 2023

Highlights from the Call

• Click here - Change your life with snakes & ladders. Meaning and importance of Mokshapat 

• Click here - Mokshapat board explanation with examples for an amazing life

• Click here - Receiving guidance for kids, major decisions and more with Mokshapat (a testimonial) 

• Click here - Glimpse into Mokshapat Readings (Original Snakes & Ladders board game)

• Click here - Soul path & soul purpose - What’s the difference?

• Click here - RECEIVE! Powerful guidance to manifest


CLICK HERE to watch Call Replay 2

About Mokshapat

Our lives are a result of our choices, decisions and our karmas. With Mokshapat, look at how each decision is leading you towards or taking you away from your soul’s ultimate path - liberation.

The board is your map aka your guide to the right knowledge. It guides us to the path that is better for us leading us to our goals faster, whether we would face delays, obstacles or blocks and if the goal is the right one for you.

It was designed by yogis as a tool to guide people out of the endless cycle of Samsara and understand their relationship with The Absolute.

With the snakes and ladders representing bad deeds and good deeds respectively, it also teaches us how vices pull us down and virtues can bring in spiritual evolution. In this way, the Game of Enlightenment can help us gain knowledge of sacred texts that lead the path to liberation.

From health, wealth, career and relationships to children, studies, adoption and more, Mokshapat can help us!

Why Learn Mokshapat With Nandita

★ Become an expert in giving reading, remedies & guidance for self and others for any area of life - health, wealth, relationships, career, etc.

★ No prior knowledge of any healing technique required!

★ Easy, fun learning with stories and examples

★ Visual aids to simplify some advanced vedic concepts

★ Hand-holding during and after course

★ Nandita merges the learnings, wisdom and experience she has gained over the years and from learning with 4 trainers

★ Hugely supportive bonuses to enhance your mastery (coming up!)

★ Beginners - fun, powerful tool to start your healing career

★ Existing healers - amplify your work with Mokshapat + additional meanings based on chakras, astrology and numerology

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Your Healer-Instructor, Nandita Sharma


Meet Nandita Sharma, a born psychic who re-discovered her latent abilities locked away due to past traumatic experiences. But her mother-in-law’s illness led her to look at Alternative therapies as fate would have it.

With over 20 years of experience in various MNC’s many supernatural experiences later, her quench to learn and gain knowledge led her to Access bars, Automatic writing and many more modalities. Mokshapat is one of her favourites as it allowed her to understand her present life and the path to enhance it further!

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