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Nidhu B Kapoor
Owner & Sharer of the Decrees


The Decrees with Nidhu!
Work with the Decrees, there's nothing faster!  
#lightningspeed #speak5d #happier #healthier #wealthier

✔ Workout WITH Words - Continue Your Journey!

✔ SuccessFULL You! WHY NOT!

✔ Quick Introduction to the Decrees

Quick Introduction to the Decrees

Workout WITH Words - Continue Your Journey!

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Please click here for call replay and more!
Click here for The Million Dollar Money Statement call replay and more!

SuccessFULL You! WHY NOT!

Highlights from the Call

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'Rich People Speak' Call

There are 3 ways in which we hurtle forward! 

1. Millionaire Machine Type 1 - PeaceFULL Warrior

2. Millionaire Machine Type 2 - Hero / Heroine

3. Millionaire Machine Type 3 - Emperor / Empress

Click here to take the quiz & check your results 

Nidhu's Weekend of Wealth (WOW!!) Call Replay

The Seventh call of the Weekend of Wealth (WOW!) on The Devi Virtual Summit 2022 by The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies. This call was held on 9th October 2022 at 11.11am India / 1.41am ET with none other than Nidhu B Kapoor, the creator of the fastest healing modality in the world - The Decrees!

This call is for you if you wanna become a Millionaire. Wait, Who doesn't? With the quiz results you can check if you are A Peaceful Warrior, A Hero/Heroine Warrior  or A Empire builder Millionaire Money machine type! 


Authenticity being the knowing of how one feels, as emotions can't lie. The Peaceful Warrior type have a pretty deep comfort but only with others’ emotions and have trouble acknowledging themselves with the tendency of guilt tripping, giving too much to even lose count of how much they give, could have unresolved abuse issues, have trouble sharing and are introverted people who like meaningful and philosophical conversations. Their strength is their ability to learn. A theme of their Money Machine is; If all prosper, I prosper. But can you make everyone happy?


The Warrior type are the Hero/Heroine Activist who acknowledges everything but their own accountability in any situation whatsoever. With the body being the weapon, they adore attention, share everything and have a deep desire to correct the world, these are our planning and organising ninjas! The warrior when undergoes a breakdown it is a breakdown of health which leads to a breakdown of wealth and holds a deep sensitivity. Not great listeners, they would do well with learning the silence and solitude of the peaceful warrior. Gambling(not addiction) and chess are recommended. A theme of their Money Machine is; I prosper, others may or may not.


The Empire type are the Visionaries who acknowledge, network easily and need to diversify in order to grow. They love to learn because without it they can't diversify and grow. Their breakdown occurs when they cannot diversify. The theme of their Money Machine is; I prosper, all prosper! For these people create a number of opportunities for many others.

Check this call to know which Millionaire Money Machine type is Elon Musk, Starbucks, Amazon, Bill Gates, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Harry and Meghan along with some predictions about them. Finally some Decrees to release blocks for it's Nidhu B Kapoor in the house!

Nidhu's Limited-Period Special Offers

Align with $100,001$ / Rs 81 L, WHY NOT!

Rich People Speak - 3 Live Calls Series in October (Worth USD 500 / INR 34,270)

1. Rich People Speak - PART 1 (13 Oct) (USD 166.6 / INR 11,423.3)

★ Acknowledging to Receive Money

★ Practise your Money manifesting YES, buts


2. Rich People Speak - PART 2 (25 Oct) (USD 166.6 / INR 11,423.3)

★ Brain upgrade for Active Listening and Learning

3. Rich People Speak - PART 3 (28 Oct) (USD 166.6 / INR 11,423.3)

★ Potent Prosperity Call - Move from Savings to Investments

4. Money Masterclass (Weekend of Wealth - WOW!) (Worth USD 300 / INR 20,560)

★ Three types of Millionaire Money Machine. Find out yours and work it!

✔ Held on 7th Oct 2022. Call Replay link will be shared


★ Breathwork

★ Postures CORRECTED!

★ Clearings for the 5 money disruptors

★ Requests to drink lots of water!

5. Telegram group support (Worth USD 255 / INR 17,475)

★ Q&A, support in between calls


6. 10 Daily Decrees (Worth USD 147 / INR 10,074)

★ From 10-19 Oct on Telegram and email


Remote Transmissions

★ Weekend Money Flows

• Receive 12 Remote One SECOND Alchemy Transmissions

• Sent 3 times each in 4 days - On 8, 9, 15 & 16 Oct 2022 (Sat-Sun) between 10am to 10pm India / 12.30am to 12.30pm ET

• Receive at ANY TIME on the 4 days with The Activation Phrase


★ Begin aligning with $100,000, Rs 80L

★ Attract money, savings, insights, opportunities or possible partnerships.

Either they will show up or the blocks to them will show up

Rich People Speak - 3 Live Calls Series in October
Dates: 13, 25, 28 Oct, 2022
Time: 6pm India / 8.30am ET

✔ All are audio calls on Instant Teleseminar

✔ Call replay links will be shared

Original Price Image for WIx.png

*Package B No Longer Available

5D Life Notebook (physical copy)
Order your personalised copy here!


• Has a special band to write your name on the cover page!
• Recommended to work along with the 'Mirror of Me' calls
• Pour your heart out
• Combination of ruled and blank pages
• Includes introduction to The Decrees and how to use the book

Nidhu book.jpeg
5D book - page 1.jpeg
5D book - page 3.jpeg
5D book - page 4.jpeg
Nidhu package C.jpeg

• Price includes shipping

• For shipping locations outside India, please choose US$ option


ONE MINUTE Manifestation Alchemist on The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Healers training Tele-summit

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-21 at 6.50.34 PM.jpeg

Understand what manifestation is and how to manifest

Learn the Number Decrees - the fastest healing modality in the world. It's even faster than the Verbal Decrees!

Learn how to combine it with the power of No (a unique way of manifesting the life of your dreams)

Know the journey of being a healer (and where you may be stuck)

Use it for yourself

Use it in your established practice

Learn it well enough to begin your own practice
Train others to use it 

Learn the ONE SECOND Divine Tap to bring light to dull, heavy, paining body parts

Catch up on calls here

New Moon Call - (black magic and curses removal) 
Click here to listen to the call

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Happy Mercury Retrograde!

Magic Merlin Money and Mercury Retrograde Support Call Replay

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-10 at 10.01.30 PM.jpeg


★ Also, know how to diagnose yourself in case you are

suspecting hypothyroid or any other condition

★ What you need to know, understand and do for an

amazing Mercury retrograde! 

★ Why we are so impacted by Mercury retrograde and what to do about it IN SECONDS!


★ Affecting our mind and communication, Mercury

retrograde can be a chaotic, messy ride with delays,

disruptions and misunderstandings galore

★ With this call, we got back on the horse and well,

suffice to say, we will never fear Mercury retrograde again

Nidhu’s Call on FHTJ - 10-Second Workout!

10 second workout.jpeg

The 10 second Workout is here! (That’s right, 10 SECONDS!)
Your 5D Body BeautyFULL adventure begins!

Here's to strengthened stomachs and speedier metabolism!

  • Stop letting perimenopause and menopause drive you crazy...

  • Arrest that middle age spread...

  • Stop having to push yourself to workout...

  • Flatten that belly...

  • Increase your muscle tone...

  • Reduce cellulite...

Get maximum result with the minimum effort...


Awaken the Empress Within Now

PMS Leave

Our menopause period will be EXACTLY like our PMS days! Yes!

There’s SO MUCH our mothers, grandmothers and we don’t know about how smooth this can be!


Do you relate to any of these while in PMS / perimenopause / menopause? 
• You experience many of the following - cranky, emotional, irritable, weepy, sore, skin breakouts, hot flashes, bloated with stiff backs or thighs and tired, quite tired

• You push yourself through the exhaustion

• Your men, children, family do not support you enough during this time

• You feel guilty you cannot do enough like ‘regular’ days

• Are you seeing consistent changes in skin, hair, period cycles, libido, emotions, PMS days, weight and energy levels (check with your gynaec pronto)

(Give The Decree in the poster and feel the relief!)

It’s time! Time to free yourself from following generations of discomfort and fear of the future.
Ease into your smooth period (pun intended :))

✔ Make PMS, Peri / Menopause your most empowering Period

✔ Comprehensive program with calls / replays, Decrees, Clearings, etc.

 Anti-Allergy Program

anti allergy.jpeg
  • Food sensitivities and intolerances are probably the highest ever in the history of humanity.

  • Gluten, nuts, dairy, mushrooms, peanuts are right on top of the list.

  • Some of these are for our highest lightness, some of these are not. Which category do you belong to? And what can you do to lessen the food trauma?

Check out the Exclusive VIP Anti-allergies Program. 2 MP3s, daily Decrees and group calls replay. Click below for all the details.


5★★★★★ Relationship call


The quality of our relationships determine the quality of our lives. Find out - 

1. What imprints are unconsciously ruling your relationships

2. Why we stay in toxic relationships longer than we should
3. How to move into the best kind of relationship
4. LIFE-CHANGING 'Mirrors of Me' program

5★★★★★ Relationships begin in 5 minutes!!
✔ The only kind of its work IN THE WORLD!!

✔ Deeper connections IN MINUTES!

✔ Game changer for relationships and LIFE

✔ Includes calls / replays, healing, 1-on-1 session & more

About Nidhu B Kapoor

Nidhu B Kapoor.jpeg

Moonworker, Blocks buster, retrograde specialist, 5D expert and lover of exclamation marks!! Nidhu B Kapoor is owner and sharer of the world's fastest, quickest, swiftest, speediest, easiest, simplest healing modality - The Decrees.

This life scientist has the ability to decode messages of individual energies as well as universal energies of our time and with The Decrees, she brings her unique blend of technology to give you the quickest way to heal, shift, change and transform your life, your relationships, your health and your wealth.

Deep and complete healing work takes anywhere from 8 months to three years, BUT with her work, it take seconds, minutes, weeks and just a few months!

Often called angel and magician, speedster is her middle name and 1000s of people around the world vouch for her and her work. 


What are The Decrees

The Decrees are, simply put - affirmations on steroids - these are cosmically charged words / commands. Speaking them brings tangible shifts in SECONDS! And since the law of attraction is as within, so without, these internal shifts bring about changes in our external reality quicker than anything else! The Decrees will either clear, or manifest instantly, or reveal the block/action to be taken next. Oh and it works even if you don't believe in them!

The Decrees are word technology at its amazingest! The use of the right words in the right order brings about incredible speedster shifts in any project (the problem you are facing) instantaneously – swift, gentle, powerful, Speedster Shifts!

Decrees can take us from low vibrations of fear based decisions or ego based power games  to a high vibration of guided answers and win-win solutions. The decrees work at all levels you can think of - head, heart, emotions, thoughts and behaviors simultaneously.

The Decrees
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