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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

★ What are The Decrees?
Decrees are cosmic commands, divine instructions and immediately answered prayers! They are the language of 5D, recalibrating the 3D mind, upgrading our DNA and clearing family, ancestral and past life programs IN ONE SHOT!  They are a unique set of words, including one, two, three and four words.


The Decrees work by:

1. Clearing, shifting instantly

2. Manifesting lightness, relief and ease instantly

3. Immediately revealing the block. For instance, you may not feel worthy or safe to receive what you want when the block is revealed. Just say - unworthy, You Can Leave Now; unworth, You Can Leave Now; or <whatever shows up>, You Can Leave Now

4. Letting us know what action is to be taken next

5. Giving us messages, guidances, visions, dreams, intuitions into understanding our current situations better. It is not unusual to have visions of past lives or ancestral memories too

6. The Decrees work SIMULTANEOUSLY on the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind AS WELL AS DNA, cellular structure, karma and past lives

7. They bring in more light and in doing so displace and dislodge everything that is not light. Read below for more understanding on light

8. Enhancing psychic powers

Shifting into higher states of being and consciousness was never this easy!

★ What is the meaning of light?

Ascension means more light. Light and lightness (aware and awareness) are keys to 5D and there is nothing faster, simpler and easier than The Decrees to get that lightness of being! Light means Awareness, Positivity, Knowledge, Wisdom, Happiness, Joy, Laughter, Innocence, Trust, Faith, Flexibility, Blessings, Safety, Protection, Brightness, Rightness, Truth, Kindness, Patience, Relief, Peace, Beauty, Colours, Purity, Non-violence, Hope, Ease, Goodness, Perfection and Oneness. ESP, telepathy, being in the flow, enhanced intuition, psychic powers of the clairs - clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognizance - are all gifts of light. 

★ What is 5D?
5D is not a place.

It is a time and a vibration of more light. 5D has more light than 3D.

When you think of someone and they call you, that is 5D. When you are in a hurry and in a busy checkout line are asked to come up front, that is 5D. When somebody knocks on the door and you know, just know who it is, that is 5D. When you are hungry and food just shows up, you are in 5D.

When you are positive, uplifted, hopeful, connected, safe, open, willing, protected, blessed and know that you are being taken care of, no matter the state of your health and wealth, that is 5D.

★ What all do the Decrees work on?

Anything, Anytime, Anyone, Everyone, Anywhere, Everywhere! From babies crying in planes to flowers blooming to doors magically unlocking to finding lost objects to getting upgraded to business class to unexpected monies to releasing pain to feeling calm to feeling joyful to releasing the fear of dentists to improving relationships to getting jobs to not getting wet in the rain to getting money daily to getting shipments way before schedule to feeling confident to charge more to healing chronic projects in seconds and minutes to getting gifts from spouses for the first time to healing family and lineage lines to calming troubled horses and clearing paralysis for rabbits, there is nothing the decrees cannot take on!

They have also been used on fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, chakra balancing, clearing acidity, plantar fasciitis, PCOD, gout, IBS, insomnia, weight release, cravings, pain, fever, headaches, chronic projects, weakness, stress, negativities, cats, dogs, money, plants, relationships with mother, father, boss, friends, sister, brother, mother-in-law, peers, colleagues, studies, focus, delays, opportunities, clair-gifts, unworthiness, computer glitches, phone issues, electrical outages, entities. The Decrees can be used on anything and anyone, everyone and everything, anytime, anywhere, even in your dreams!

★ Will The Decrees work even if I don’t believe in them?

Yes! No believing is required, but awareness is so you know what is shifting, the message (there is always one) is heard and insights are acknowledged

★ Are results guaranteed?

Lol. Shifts are guaranteed!

Results are in nobody’s hands - they are a feedback from the universe. And if you can receive the feedback as communication from the universe, you will find the joy of co-creating with the universe. You do. The universe responds. You adjust and do again. The universe responds again. Lo Behold - you are now in the flow!

As you may also have already seen, what we expect or wait for never comes. It is either lesser or more than what we thought, so it is best to accept that there is a higher power watching over our results, let go of all expectations from The Decrees and keep an open mind. Just RECEIVE RECEIVE RECEIVE!

★ At times, why does the reverse of the desire happen when we use the Decrees? For eg. big bills when doing money work

To show us what is required. For eg. in this case, money flows follow the principle of duality. Demand and supply, give and get, inhale and exhale.

Higher bills when doing money work mean one half of you (the giving) needs to open up so the other half of you (the receiving) can get more.


★ I am having strange reactions as I say, read and think The Decrees

This is AWESOME!! It means energies are shifting and moving.  When we have chronic stress or deep suppressed anger, numbness in the body or we get fixated on a certain result, we get negative, stuck and blocked. The Decrees bring you into harmony by releasing these negativities, stuckness and blocks. Some normal signs of shifts are:

~ Sudden sense of disbelief

~ Shock

~ Breath deepening

~ Unexpected releases in shoulder, back, chest, stomach (like something


~ Yawn

~ Burp

~ Coughing

~ Sneezing

~ Thirsty

~ Head feeling funny

~ Drowsiness (you must rest)

~ Eyes blurring for a few seconds

~ Seeing brighter and better

~ Pain gone (or feeling more diffused)

~ Pain moves to another part

~ The symptoms become worse (at least they are not stuck anymore!)

~ Burst of clarity

~ Burst of energy

~ Heaviness becomes light

~ Wake up feeling refreshed and energised

~ Wake up feeling unwell, tired, feverish - (hydrate, take TLC and rest.

Miss a day of work, it is ok)

~ Feeling amazing and light

~ Smiling more :)

~ Responding instead of reacting

~ Relationships getting better

The symptoms usually pass in seconds or minutes. If we have been living in low vibrations for a long time (like, years) then our behaviours (the heaviest energy) are affected and the detox reaction will be stronger and last longer. Be gentle and kind to you. Stay hydrated.

Also watch out for Money messages from the universe

1. Unexpected monies

2. Savings. Like when we get a discount or special offer

3. Gifts

4. Treats like when someone takes us out

5. Compliments, praise (as they raise our vibrations)

6. Bonuses

7. Payments coming in earlier

8. Tax refunds

9. Dividend declarations out of the blue

10. Finding money unexpectedly in paths, drawers, pants

11. Shares and stocks rising

12. Opportunities

13. Dreams, messages, insights and inspired action towards making and

getting more monies

14. Unexpectedly bumping into old friends

15. Old stuck money showing up


Often, images and signs can also show up first to let us know monies are on their way to us. They are:









Four leaf clover

★ Is there anything else I should keep in mind?

The 3 Golden Principles of Life -

1. God helps those who help themselves
Take the action you need to take instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you 

2. As within, so without
This is is the law of attraction from the Bible. We cannot attract good, positive results when we are internally stressed, unwell or negative

3. All action has a limited result unique to you
Consistency gets the gold! Just as we cannot expect greatness by going to the gym once, all constructive actions needs to continuously be redone and reemphasised. By the way this is quickest with The Decrees - there's nothing faster!!

★ Why should I drink lots of water?

Water is life! It is BAE! Our energies are bio-electric-magnetic and electricity moves faster through water. Each individual cell communicates better with its neighbour when it is totally hydrated so messages of healing pass on faster too. In fact, we often feel thirsty in a healing process because the cells are sending messages that they are not being able to transfer the healing frequencies/words quickly. Should you feel drained or exhausted, it is another sign that there isn't enough hydration


Tog up, peoples!

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