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Your charms can predict too! Boost Tarot with a charming twist!

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

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Holaaa Peoples!!

Charms! A beautiful & aesthetic add on to our jewelry that makes everything look so pretty & gorgeous!

Be it a beautiful ‘heart symbol’ that shows how we wear our hearts on our sleeves or a symbol of ‘Infinity’ gifted by a loved one, with the promise of Forever; these charms make a cozy place in our hearts with their own ‘charm’✨

Do you have a special charm too that connects with you? Share with us in the comments section below!

I know you might be thinking why am I speaking about charms in a blog that’s talking about charm casting with Tarot; Here’s why!

I came across a healer’s masterclass on “Tarot + Charm Casting: Power of 2 Techniques for Accurate Predictions” which spoke about how we can combine ancient technique of charm casting with one of the most loved Divination tools, The Tarot Deck to have an added layer of accuracy with our readings!

Being a Tarot Card reader myself, I have always been intrigued by the imagery and how the 78 cards of Tarot encompasses almost all our life situations and always surprises us with new insights and messages that hit you sometimes like truth bombs and sometimes like the gentle loving reminder from the angels that we’re all protected!

In fact, if you would love to explore more on Tarot Cards, do check out our earlier blog on Tarot here!

Tarot cards would always hold a special place in my heart for they are the first modality I ever learnt, it was, in a way, a deeper connection with God! And that’s why this masterclass caught my attention!

Binita Rege, the expert shared that with Charms combined with Tarot, the insights increase as both Charms & Tarot are Divination Tools & a healer( that is, all of us; you and me) is the medium!

You know, I have always wondered how just 78 cards can speak about a billion unique people? The answer is the reader’s intuitive ability! The cards are a beautiful visual channel that brings out that intuition of the reader! And Intuition is within all of us, think about this; have you ever felt strongly that today my friend is going to ditch me for that shopping plan we made or I’m going to miss that metro or something as simple as I’m going to get stuck in traffic today; In all of those situations, it’s our Intuition guiding us!

It’s just a matter of time before we tune into our Intuition, believe it & become the magical beings we are born to be!

And with this Masterclass, I felt as if charms can be a great help as sometimes when the cards hint on something but we aren’t clear on how to express it out to others, the charms can fill that missing gap!

It was so amazing to know Charms can be used as Protection symbols too, they just need to be regularly energised & look so cool too! So with this, I actually went on a shopping spree to get myself a beautiful hamsa symbol charm!

And hey, if you too have charms, it's possible to use them to their highest potential! To find out how, click on this link and know more.

BTW, have you ever wondered if those general tarot readings like pick-a-cards posted on social media, especially on Instagram by so many tarot readers can actually reveal something to us?

But Binita beautifully explained how collective readings work by explaining that they show the collective energy of everyone who is meant to receive a message! And when the reader keeps the intention of everyone who comes across this to get the guidance they need!

So the next time you come across a general reading, know it’s a message meant to reach you!

Are you taking enough rest? Not being able to take some me time off but engrossed in work?

If these questions feel like your current situation right now, then this message could be holding some important insights for you!

And while you check that out, I’ll be signing off & I’ll meet you soonest in another blog, another story, another magical Divination tool❤️

Until then, please do Like, Love & share this blog with all your loved ones!!🌷

Lots of Love, Light & Stars,



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