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Meet the Mystical World of Tarot Cards!

Helloo Beautiful Souls!!

Today, I'd like to ask you something.

Have you ever faced a situation when you had to choose between two different situations?

Did you ever have these conversations with yourself in the middle of the night with questions like these below?

Will I ever find Love?

Which job offer should I choose?

When will my Finances get better?

What is the karmic pattern blocking my progress?

And there are countless more situations, questions, where we feel stuck, confused....

I have been there too!

And in such times, we just want some expert guidance, something that can guide us to our highest good! A confirmation from the Divine or a reassurance to take that leap of faith or just a guidance!

This is exactly where Tarot came to me!

I was 18, when I had my first Tarot reading for my career! My best decision ever!

As every other teen, I was trying to find my niche, and with new careers in mind every month, I was sure a confused one 😂

Trust me, I have gone from the classic ‘I want to be a doctor’ to fashion designing, interior designing, then even psychology to finally finding myself in love with The occult sciences!

And in this journey, Tarot has been my guide!

From finding the right answers when confused, to getting the spot on guidance on everything in life, Tarot is your one stop destination! I can vouch for that with personal experience.

If you are new to the world of Tarot or know little about this divination tool, TAROT is a deck of 78 cards, with 22 major arcana & 56 minor arcana cards which say about major life events & day to day events of our life respectively. Although there are various decks of Tarot available now in the market, the Rider-Waite deck stays the classic one that almost everyone opts for!

With a number of tarot readers out there in the world, its difficult to find the right expert who can guide us & the countless number of pages on Tarot on social media don't make it any easy.

But not for you, as this post can be your guide to finding about an expert with over 19 years of experience in Tarot! How did I come across this?

In my search to learn more about Tarot, I came across a Facebook post which said, ‘How Tarot smart are you?’

With 4 questions on the quiz, I was naturally intrigued to know if my answers were right! ( Get access to the quiz questions & answers here)

But that wasn’t the only reason, I wanted to know in just how many ways can we use the classic Tarot cards.

And to my surprise, the expert, Nehaa Shaah, on the Mystic Lotus Awesome Divination Shakti Virtual Summit has a 100 spreads in her kitty, and much more!

And in one of the demo calls, she shared a lot of insights on the, The Fool card in Tarot! ( In the classic Rider Waite, It’s the first card, with the number 0, but in some other decks it is also the last sometimes)

And with my understanding of the Fool card in Tarot, the risk taker, adventurous soul, party loving & taking a leap of faith, I have associated the character of Bunny (played by Ranbir Kapoor in the bollywood movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani) with the fool card!

(P.S. I am Super crazy and in Love with Bollywood, I guess you know that with this association 😂)

This is one of the ways I connect with the cards, what’s yours?

And there’s more to Tarot!

From Karma spreads to Birthday spreads & Anniversary spreads to Self love spreads, I was amazed at the unique way Tarot cards could be used!

Now, not all of these spreads were a part of the call, but I did sure get a teaster into it with the Birthday and Karma spreads!

Wondering what spreads are?

Spreads are placement of cards in a specific way or layout and each card has something.

But why are spreads important?

Each situation is unique and a love reading and a finance reading is different in many ways and it even involves many aspects.

Let’s say, you would like to know about your soulmate! You go to a tarot reader but you're not sure how to start and you have many questions like what is the personality, nature of that person, how they would be like with you, how you would meet them, at what age, etc, etc.

In this situation, a Soulmate spread or a love spread would be so amazing right? As it can reveal all of it and more! The questions that might not even come to your mind at that moment can also be answered!

But in a finance reading, you would want to know completely different things like what are the blocks, when will I have stability, etc.

And asking individual questions takes time and you might miss some important things, but with a spread, you can get everything in one place!

How cool is that, right?

On her call, Nehaa even shared a 2023 reading for everyone and I was really taken aback when she said that in 2022 we had made big decisions in life! ( I made a big one for my career path!)

And I’m glad 2023 is great for money money!!💰💰💰💰💰💰

This is one of the many ways Tarot can help us in guidance and answers!

Please like and even share if this blog helped you in any way!

Do let me know which part of the blog you liked the most!

You can even write to me here or comment below to share your views on Tarot, the way you see it and anything you’d like me to write about in future posts!

Spreading Love, Light & stars,


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