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This is what you need to know about Saturn!

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When I was in class 9, My literature teacher was strict and always pushed us to think of something more creative, more out of the box. This would mean more assignments which would sometimes feel like a lot of work for us and we would naturally feel a bit irritated with it too at times as it would always be a challenge.

But when I started working as a content creator for myself and as a part of my job, I always thank her now for pushing us to be creative as that is what motivates me even today to be better with each piece of content I create!

Saturn is similar to this strict teacher who wants us to score well before we move to the next grade!

Saturn is the planet of Karma, discipline, hard work and Justice. It's the planet that gives us challenges and obstacles that helps us in our journey of personal growth and learning!

Think about this: coal has to undergo tremendous pressure and with that, it turns into the beautiful diamond we can’t take our eyes off and like that, we all hold the power to shine bright like a diamond and Saturn is that pressure which helps us shine brightest!

So, ‘What goes around, comes around!’ is the mantra planet Saturn lives by! Naturally, the planet of Karma is here to give us the results of our past karmas. But, does that mean we should be scared?

No, because we can’t change our past but our actions in the present and future are what we can control and learn what we didn’t in our past lives as that is what Saturn wants us to do!

The most important phase of planet Saturn that all of us go through in our lives is saade saati - a period of 7.5 years where Saturn transits before, over and after the natal moon in our horoscope (currently Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces Moon signs are experiencing it, so if you are, read along to know its effects)

My friend who is an Aquarius moon sign had been facing some minor health issues like backache and constant cold since the past 2 years and earlier we thought it was due to the new lifestyles with the pandemic.

Tired, she asked me to help her understand and I began researching until I came across Saade Saati as she was in her first phase when it all began. (Saturn transit in the house before natal moon in our horoscope, it is connected to some health issues and any past life or past karmas)

With the start of the second phase ( where Saturn is wanting us to increase our stamina and begin to focus on ourselves) I realised with Upma ji’s call and suggested her to work on her stamina and physical self and we saw a shift in her health in a week.

With this, now she knows the lessons needed to be learnt!

But Saade saati isn’t all, another phase of Saturn is known as Dhaiya - when Saturn transits through the 4th house from the moon in our horoscope where we experience challenges in family life, home and sometimes financial difficulties too.

Kantak Shani - The phase where Saturn transits the 8th house from the natal moon in our horoscope where we face challenges that transform our life.

Upma ji shared that these transits are like a test Saturn takes where it rewards us if we learnt our lessons from the saade saati period!

But the real results that we would experience will be dependent on our personal horoscopes and how Saturn, moon and other planets are placed in our horoscope so it's good to not jump to conclusions and seek expert advice.

But there is a general remedy for this period that you can try yourself! Click here to know one of the most simplest remedies by Jyotish Rishi Upma Shrivastava!

Now that you too (like my friend and me) are armed with the knowledge of saade saati and a remedy to help you ace through this period of challenges and learnings, leave your fears behind and lets begin learning and growing!

If you’d like to know more about Saturn, you can watch the Masterclass by Upma-ji only on the Mystic Lotus Awesome! HEALthier Be! Summit here

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