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Theta- The state that can help you heal your past, present and future

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Helloo Beautiful souls!!

Hey, Before I start my blog, I want to ask you if you know this!

It is widely believed that humans are psychosomatic beings! The word psychosomatic comes from a Greek origin where psycho means mind & soma means body; anything that troubles us in our mind as mental worries takes the form of physical pains or issues.

Like a cold & cough we get, is a sign from our body that we are overexerting ourselves or there is too much pressure constantly on us leading to a burnout by the body.

Oftentimes, the issues we face, i.e the visible, have no correlation with the actual deep down source! It’s almost like the physical issue is the tip of the iceberg we see but the entire root of the problem is not given enough importance. And unless we don’t work on the deeper connections of our problems, it’s like applying a band aid over a deep cut which needs attention and deeper cleansing.

But how can we address those problems?

Now, there are various modalities through healing or counseling but the one that caught my attention to this was Theta Healing. I’ll share why!

A few days back, I chanced upon a call titled, ‘Theta Reading and Healing for the past, present and future with Rupesh Budh’ only on the Mystic Lotus Awesome! Divination Shakti Virtual Summit that gave me a perspective on this.

For the unversed, like I was a few days back, Theta brain state is a deep meditative state where the thoughts are not disbursed, a state of deep relaxation.

But is there only 1 state of mind? Certainly not, there are 4 brain waves that Rupesh shared.

One is the Beta brain state; our conscious state with as many as 14-28 thoughts per second; Isn’t it fascinating that in our waking state, we have so many thoughts in our mind?

The next is Alpha brain state; the unconscious state, with a bit lower, approximately 7-14 thoughts per second.

The next is Theta brain state; With 4-7 thoughts per second, this is a state where one is asleep but Aware! In this state, we can focus our thoughts on certain directions and heal; no wonder why theta state is so important!

The last is Delta brain state with as low as 1-4 thoughts per second, it could probably be our deep sleep state.

But where does healing come into play?

Theta Healing, as Rupesh rightly explained, is when you consciously access this state of mind, it can connect us to the Highest Divine Energy.

Our beliefs mold our reality. These beliefs just exist and can’t be compartmentalized into good or bad, they either serve you or they don’t.

Theta Healing can help identify the limiting beliefs stopping you and replaces them to heal you on every level with its healing methods.

The thing I loved about this call was when the expert emphasized that We are the creators of our own lives, the key is to be more aware of what we want in life; And that every person is different, creating their own unique reality!

Isn’t that so powerful to know?

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As you experience the powerful healing & receive a Divine message, I’ll sign off for today but hey! Please do like, love & share this blog with others too! Would mean the world to us!

If you would like to share something or reach out to me, you can do it here or in the comments below.

Spreading Love, Light & stars,



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