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The Swiss Army Knife of Essential Oil Wisdom!

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Holaa! 🥰✨

More and more people in recent years are choosing natural remedies as their go-to method for healing - be it Ayurveda or the more contemporary ones like Bachflowers. There's one which has become insanely popular for its benefits to health and well being in recent years and it’s none other than - Essential Oils!

Having been a fan of holistic remedies, I knew some bits about essential oils but little did I know there’s a whole world of essential oils waiting to be explored! So, read along to know the secrets I discovered!

Essential oils are essences of a plant that are extracted from plants using natural methods. This is done either through distillation or other methods and is composed of a number of chemical compounds. This chemical profile is what determines its therapeutic properties.

Our incense sticks, perfumes, many personal care products and more have essential oils in them! But their uses are not just limited to these, I have found 3 easy ways to use them in daily lives with the help of Mark and Rebeccah from dōTERRA®️, who I came across on The Mystic Lotus Awesome! HEALthier Be! Summit. Having extensive knowledge in the world of essential oils, they shared the 3 ways which have helped me and I hope they help you too!


Inhaling the aroma of essential oils is one of the easiest ways to experience its therapeutic benefits and the scientific reason is that about 5% of what we inhale gets into our bloodstream which means just inhaling it can bring in profound benefits!

There’s a tip I’d share that has been working for me, whenever I feel overwhelmed at night and I cannot sleep at night, I inhale the aroma of lavender or just 2-4 drops in my diffuser, this helps me calm down and relax. I recently realised it is also the oil of communication so I tried using it for 10 days over my pulse points before any conversations. To my surprise, it helped me actually communicate better!

But to communicate in a calm and kind way is important too and for that, Bergamot is my go-to!

Eucalyptus is my go-to for clearing any breathing blockages when I have a cold and besides, Indians love their eucalyptus oil!

A lot of us have a hard time forgiving those who did us wrong, but to forgive is essential in our healing journey and this is where Cedarwood helps! I gifted this to a friend and she was amazed at the results as she worried less about her past relationships.

Last but not the least, if you are looking for a burst of energy, something that brings in the energy of joy and empowerment, you can try out citrus oils like Lemon, which I do when I’m feeling a bit low and looking for something that energises me!

Topical Application:

With my skin, I’m someone who prefers to go the natural way and essential oils are a great way to bring nature into our skincare routine!

I personally love Tea Tree because it has been great for my skin issues like acne and my way to use it is to mix it with aloe vera and apply it on my face (but please patch test people!). But the secret reason I love it is because it helps me create energetically healthy boundaries with people which is so important! (Try it yourself!)

If you are starting out, mix it with a carrier oil like coconut or olive so it reduces the concentration of it.

Dilution is the way to go as latest research suggests that dilution gives far more effective results as compared to undiluted ones.

The reason is that essential oils get absorbed rapidly and carrier oils with big molecules sit on the skin and that helps the smaller molecules linger around longer.

But if you are not sure where to use essential oils, apply it to the soles of your feet as our feet have a lot of vascular endings and get absorbed quickly plus it's less likely to have any reactions there. This is something I learnt from Mark on the call!

Ingestion: A lot of essential oils can be ingested like coriander, peppermint, citrus oils, etc but I haven’t tried it yet as I have just begun and there’s a lot to be explored!

With this, I hope these tips from my personal experience can be used by you in your daily lives, but these are not all, some more benefits are:

-Strengthen the physical body

-help in bringing balance

-gently prepare us to heal emotional difficulties

-help increase spiritual awareness and connection

-help clarify life purpose of daily activities

If you’d like to start your journey on essential oils and are looking for some pure naturally sourced and trusted essential oils, dōTERRA®️ is here with super amazing discounts only for you with The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies!

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