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The Real Chakra for Love You Must Know About!

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Holaa Peopless!!

We’ve always thought the heart is about love and we always associate the heart chakra to love but what if I tell you it's not, the real unconditional love all of us long for all our lives, hoping for someone to give to us comes from another chakra! Read along and you’ll know why I say this!

But before we go there, can you answer this?

Does a dolphin love?

Does an ant love?

Does a dog love?

Does a crocodile love?

Does an amoeba love?

Didn’t you say Yes to the dolphin and dog immediately and took a bit longer for others? Didn't it happen instinctively? Why?

Love is an advanced emotion and it is not possible to love without a spine and a brain which is why single celled organisms, cockroaches, reptiles, birds, etc. can’t love without a spine and the spine can’t function without a brain. The more evolved a brain is, the more love is possible!

Why do we say this?

With the spine, the brain becomes more complex and evolved. Other animals have a sense of colony but not a sense of love, it came to us with evolution; dolphins nourish, they care and with an evolved brain, you can understand the advanced emotion of Love.

But then, do babies love?

And this where our expert, Nidhu B Kapoor, owner & sharer of the worlds fastest Healing Technology, The Decrees shared about how babies don’t have a fully evolved brain at birth. When we’re cradled as newborns, our crown chakra area is exposed and this is where magic begins. Here, our connection with the outer world is now adjusting to our inner world, the Universe gives us our special place on earth with this!

When this connection is open, working well, we can be at the right place at the right time, never feeling alone or depressed. Our crown chakra is therefore the first place we feel love & the only place we feel unconditional love!

Crown chakra, chakra, unconditional love, love, chakras , chakra system, The Decrees, fastest healing, shifts in seconds, depression, anxiety,  chakra for love,  heart chakra

Unconditional love is not physical & the desire to find that one person who can give us unconditional love is the desire of returning to the Crown chakra, to our home.

But sometimes, there is a disconnect when we look for love in the wrong places and sometimes leads to us facing a phase in our lives where we are depressed. Do you know why? It is a reminder that you shouldn’t be looking to your family for unconditional love. Our families do what their families did & we should not look at the family to receive unconditional love.

And if you are facing depression at this point of life, watch this video by clicking here to know the root of depression, try this Decree & share your experience with us. (This is not to say that you shouldn’t opt for professional care)

depression goes away,

Universal mind COMES IN!

Try these for anxiety, fear & delusions too.

anxiety goes away,

Universal mind COMES IN!

fear goes away,

Universal mind COMES IN!

delusion goes away,

Universal mind COMES IN!

Watch out for any reactions or sensations in the body.

I felt an immediate sensation in my right arm and started to feel happier just by saying this and this is the power of The Decrees!

The Decrees are cosmic commands that create shifts in seconds. The language of 5D, the language of light. Nothing works faster than The Decrees as with it, we make the switch to light fastest & easiest & with each day shifting, we shift our life too! Fundamentally, we bring in Light. The moment we bring in light, everything that is not light will go out. With the teaser of The Decrees, now you know how shifts can happen in seconds and this is exactly why Nidhu is the only practitioner in the world who offers 5 minute speedster lightning sessions.

And if you can’t get enough of this awesome technology, like me, watch the entire call here

So, what action(karma) would you take now that your destiny got you here?

Tell us in the comments section below and hey, don’t forget to like and share this blog with your loved ones too! ❤️

Lots of Love & Stars,



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