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Reiki boosted with 8 forms of Maa Lakshmi!

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Holaa, fellow seekers of abundance and prosperity!

Today, I have an intriguing concept that caught my attention and opened up new pathways to manifesting the life I've always dreamed of.

Meet Maha AshtaLakshmi Reiki, a captivating blend of Quantum Energy and Goddess Energies. Shared by Reiki expert, Sanghamitra Chatterjee on the Mystic Lotus AWESOME! Healers Training Summit.

Think about this: We all carry a reservoir of quantum energy, a powerful force within us. As we journey through life, societal conditioning builds energy waves that can often act as barriers, stifling the flow of abundance and wealth into our lives. But, with the wisdom of Maha AshtaLakshmi Reiki, the tools to reshape these energy patterns, and open ourselves to the boundless possibilities that the Universe holds.

Manifestation is about tuning ourselves to a specific vibration or frequency. And this is where the magic of Quantum Energy comes into play. By infusing this energy into our beings, we attract our desired manifestations. The first step, however, is to release the shackles of restrictive energies such as fear, anxiety, and negative thoughts.

As we let go, we create space for Universal energies to harmonise with our intentions, bringing our desires within reach.

But here's the fascinating part: Quantum energy aligns with us when we are truly open to receiving it. It's like a dance, waiting for us to join in with the rhythm of our readiness. It stays around us waiting for the right frequency to enter. And that's when we unlock the doors to a wealth of possibilities.

As the graceful Goddess Lakshmi, the epitome of abundance and prosperity, unveils her myriad forms, we learn that wealth isn't a singular entity. It manifests as a symphony of riches - material, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. Our happiness therefore cannot be confined to monetary wealth only.

Here’s where I bring in the beautiful connection to the eight forms of the goddess Lakshmi – the bestower of wealth and prosperity. Each form represents a distinct facet of abundance, from material riches to intellectual brilliance. Encompassing a holistic spectrum of wealth, these eight forms are enchantingly named:

Adi Lakshmi: The primal source of abundance

Dhan Lakshmi: Bestower of material wealth

Dhanya Lakshmi: Provider of agricultural abundance

Gaja Lakshmi: Bestower of majestic opulence

Santana Lakshmi: Granter of progeny and lineage

Veera Lakshmi: Giver of valor and courage

Vidya Lakshmi: Patron of knowledge and wisdom

Vijaya Lakshmi: Granter of victory in all endeavors

With all this sacred knowledge, are you ready to attune yourself to financial abundance with the Swastik symbol, the ancient symbol that embodies positivity and auspiciousness. With our intentions set, we invite the energies of financial benefits and abundance here.

So, today let's attune ourselves to the frequencies that attract our desires and welcome the abundant life we deserve.

As we walk hand in hand with Quantum Energy and the Goddess Energies, we're destined to create a life that gleams with prosperity on all fronts. Know how you can become a Reiki Grandmaster with Reiki expert Sanghamitra Chatterjee here

Let the energies flow, and may the dance of abundance lead us to the fulfilled lives we've always envisioned and hey, don’t forget to like, share and comment!




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