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Explore the Moon in your Horoscope!

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

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moon signs astrology

Helloo Beautiful Souls!

Today, as I was on a regular walk post dinner, my attention suddenly went up on the Moon!

And as I was staring at the beauty of the Moon, I realized how so many songs ( especially in Bollywood) have a reference to the Moon!

This got me thinking, this beauty of the Universe certainly has some connection with how we express our emotions, our feelings with others!

With an already keen interest in Astrology, I had some idea of the Moon representing our mother & even behavior but it wasn’t based on an expert understanding, Until I attended a Live Summit Call by an award winning Astrologer, Upma Shrivastava on the Mystic Lotus Awesome Divination Shakti Virtual Summit.

The call was based on How the Moon affects our nature & behavior, how we feel each day & much more!

If you are new to Astrology, this call was based on Vedic Astrology; the ancient science of the vedas on the celestial movements in the sky!

When we are born, the position of planets in the sky at that exact moment show us our past life karmas, the patterns of our current life, the karmas we would burn in this life & much more; it’s like a screenshot of the sky & that is a roadmap for our present life!

Now that you know a bit about Astrology, let’s come back to the beautiful Moon- the fastest moving celestial body that changes signs every 2.5 days & This speaks volumes about our emotional health at every point of our lives!

You may think how!

Have you noticed how on some days you feel just happy & in the mood of having some fun, while some days are irritable & we feel the whole world is just on a mission to annoy us? Little do we know, it’s the Moon transits!

With each transit, the moon moves to a particular house in our horoscope & colors our emotions in that color for those 2.5 days!

Now, some transits are favorable for us while some are not.

But apart from that, it has a general influence on all of us based on the signs it transits! On the day of the call, Moon was transiting the sign of Leo & this is what UpmaJi shared about it!

UpmaJi was kind enough to let us know how our personalities are as per the sign of Moon in our horoscope!

I know you all would love to know yours too!

If you are unaware of your moon sign, check it on this website.

What’s the wait? Decode your personality here, I am a Piscean Moon & this was an eye opener for me, TBH! Check yours & share with me how you relate to it!

How amazing it is to know your personality with astrology!

BTW, speaking of astrology, has the term Sade Sati ever scared you off?

I know Sade sati as a whole has been something that people look at with fear and a lot even do a number of tedious things to reduce the effects of it on their lives but Upma-ji gave two simplest remedies, and by simplest, I mean it, one of them was as simple as taking a walk during the evenings, can you imagine anything more simpler than this? I can’t, hands down. Check it yourself here

With the right knowledge about it, imagine how much better we could plan our days, knowing which days are best to meet new people, make investments, go shopping or just stay calm!!

Indeed, Astrology is such a boon & the greatest gift the Divine has blessed us with!

I Hope this blog has given you a fresh perspective about Astrology & the Moon in your horoscope!

Do Like, Love & share this blog if it has helped you in any way & do share your perspective on astrology in the comments section below!

Spreading Love, Light & stars,



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