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All about negative energies, dark entities & their imapct on our Lives.

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

dark entities. negativity, negative energy, protection.

Helloo Beautiful Souls!!

I know we have all heard words like negativity, black magic, dark energies, entities at some point of our lives.

But some of us may believe that such things exist while some of us may claim they are not true or a gimmick. But haven’t all of us ever come across someone who feels negative in vibration? ( I don’t mean about people we don’t get along with, but the weirdly irritable or just drained feeling we get after meeting someone)

I personally feel certain people just drain me & I suddenly feel irritable or have a fight with a family member or some work which was going good, suddenly goes haywire.

Now, This is not to show something negative but I have always believed the world is a mix of light & dark, if there is light, there is dark too. Since childhood, our elders share stories on how there are angels but demons too.

Just imagine this, have you ever come across someone who is doing all the hard work, trying every possible thing but isn’t getting the success? What could possibly be going wrong there?

Don’t we all wish to have a successful, happy life, But oftentimes, not everyone wants the same for us and it creates a negative vibration, which affects us in various ways. However, it isn’t always this and sometimes it is dark entities and/or negative energies at play too.

But before we move to conclusions about anything, it is important for us to know what exactly these words mean.

The call, “Discover what kind of dark energies & negativities are impacting your life” with Brenda and Charu, better known as B&C was a live call I attended that helped me understand how these play in our life only on the Mystic Lotus Awesome! Divination Shakti Virtual Summit.

B&C beautifully explained what I was saying above about light & dark, But, if dark entities or negative energies exist in our auric fields or around us, we need to acknowledge and deal with it in the right way.

They gave a pretty logical answer & divided their explanation in 4 parts & I will try to explain them below.

Many a times, we hear cases where people leave the earthly plane when they don’t wish to, like a sudden accident shocking the soul, sometimes through suicide. With a certain time to crossover from the earthly plane, they stay stuck if they don’t crossover. They have a desire to live but without a body, they can’t complete what they wish for. So they attach themselves to humans and play their part through human beings.

But how do they attach themselves to us?

Through the cracks in our auric field. These cracks are formed with negative energies like anger, jealousy, hatred around or through us when harbored for a long period of time leads them to enter our auric field and they program themselves through us. So this gets us to understand how negative energies and dark entities are different.

Another scare word.

Black Magic; how does it play out?

Those with negative feelings towards us, use these dark entities and program them with the specific mission of blocking us with whatever ill intentions they have, be it for a relationship, marriage, career, health, etc.

The next way negative energies attach to us, is when we meet certain people, and we feel drained, they feed off our energy, whether knowingly or unknowingly. The type of people who suck our energy like a vamp, with their negative energies, like I asked you at the start of the blog.

Another way is energy in motion, when we’re so high on emotions and say things out with extreme anger or frustration, becoming energy in motion,which becomes a curse for other people or even ourselves too.

I hope this helps you with clarity too, on dark entities and negative energies.

The areas in which they affect us can be any, be it health, emotions, career, finances, sexual relationship, or any other area.

With these energies not wanting to leave our auric fields, they can block our healing too, be it physical or spiritual.

It might sound scary, but what we need to do is that we should try to be happy and feel good emotions to attract the light!

Now this doesn’t mean we should never get sad or angry because as humans, we have our highs and lows too, but what matters is that we should not stay in those negative emotions for longer periods of time.

With this, I’d like to share something I loved from this call, an extremely useful resource for all of us; A Special Tip from B&C that can help us all avoid dark entities; which is; 'Work on increasing your positive energies, letting go of the anger, negative thoughts, etc and starting the day with A High Positive Energy and Mindset!’

B&C even shared a few signs that can help us know if we might be affected by dark entities; sharing them here so we are all aware of the signs!

1) Extreme Confusion in life

2) Blocks in the physical as well as spiritual healings

3) Waking up tired in the mornings

4)Unnecessary anger and irritation

5)Fatigue and tiredness

6)Wrong decisions being made

7)Disruption in sexual relations

If you feel any of them or just 1, there was a protection protocol shared by B&C too, sharing here for you to experience the powerful energy too! :

If you enjoyed this blog, would like to know more, share your experience, or if you have any recommendations on topics, do send us here or in the comments section below!

Would love to know your experience too!

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Spreading Love, Light & stars,



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