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What are you manifesting next?!

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

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Manifestation! A word that has gripped our attention in the past few years is now so commonly used that we’ve all heard it.

From celebrities showing the world how they manifested their dream career or the love of their lives to almost every life coach emphasising its importance, we have all come across this powerful word at least once in our lives.

So, I thought why be in FOMO which is why this super impromptu blog! 🥳

My hope with this blog is to put in words my understanding of the deeper & finer layers of Manifestation, how it works, the 3 key points to Manifestation and a few tips on how you can crack the code of manifestation which is based on my experience & research with Manifestation + my understanding with 2 Master manifestors Riddhi & Tanu, on a Masterclass hosted by the Mystic Lotus & Dragonflies.

Read until the end, I promise it’s gonna be worth your while!!

manifestation, secrets of manifestation, tips for manifestation, how does manifestation work, how to manifest easily, importance of manifestation, manifest

What is Manifestation? How does it work?

Manifestation essentially means to create or turn an idea into reality, with the use of our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

But is this all? not really ;)

Manifestation works on various principles like the law of attraction, the law of resonance and more. Let’s explore them a bit.

Law of Attraction- the saying we use, ‘like attracts like’

Haven’t we all heard this? Affirm the positivity you wish to have in your life & it will manifest! If you think negatively, you would attract negative experiences.

But is that all?

manifestation, secrets of manifestation, tips for manifestation, how does manifestation work, how to manifest easily, importance of manifestation, manifest

With most knowing that the world works on vibrations & energy, even the scientists now say so - Everything in the Universe vibrates at different frequencies so you attract the vibrations you are sending out. So is affirming enough?

If I speak with a personal example, a couple of months back, I was looking at shedding weight but subconsciously I was wired with the fear of not being good enough & the Universe was responding to this vibration of mine and I was here thinking why is my manifestation not working?🙈😅

This brings me to a question which I came across & it might help you understand your manifestation too.

All of us might have tried to manifest something that was a void in our lives, for example, having a good figure salary/income or having a swanky new car but if that desire was coming from a feeling of insecurity over one’s own self worth or wanting to belong to a certain group of people, our desires were coming from a lack, that is Manipulation.

And when I understood this & started affirming the right way, I started to see small differences in my progress!

So, it’s really important for us to know the source of our desires; Is it from a lack or from abundance?

I know thinking about this isn’t easy & trust me, it wasn’t for me too, but journaling can help a lot! Try it & you’d be amazed too.

Next, let me tell you something interesting, The 3 keys to Manifestation!

CONSISTENCE: When we do something consistently, we make it a part of our routine & the Universe then responds to it! So when we are consistent with manifestation tools like vision boards, affirmations, journaling, and many others, the Universe takes note & it responds positively!

PERSEVERANCE: Sometimes, situations aren’t easy, sometimes our goal feels so far, sometimes it’s just so tiring but oftentimes, the moment we give up is just a little before the Success! So, every time we feel like giving up, remember it’s just a little push, just a little more effort & you’ll achieve it!

P.S. Did you know a lot of studies done across the world show Perseverance as an essential quality for Success in life!

STRATEGIC APPLICATION: On the masterclass, Tanu explained how important this is; and even my personal experience says so as sometimes it’s important for us to have a strategy where we work on our strengths, like for me, visualisation is a strength & I now use it the most!

What’s your strength? Do you journal better or are visuals your key to a successful manifestation? Do share it with us in the comments section below as that will help us manifest faster too!


It might not be believable but I managed to manifest a celebrity client for my business & I spoke about it in this blog too. But, I didn’t know it would happen so early (as one of my first 5 clients) as I had zero connections.

But before you get the tips, check here with this questionnaire if you should manifest the desire you’re thinking about or not.

With my experience & the expert understanding I received from the Masterclass, here are 6 super easy tips that can help you!

  1. Trust the Divine Timing! Divine Intelligence knows much better than any of us!

  2. Surrender to the Divine!

  3. Be optimistic, use positive affirmations with faith that it’s happening! (NOTE: Please make use of the present tense)

  4. Be really sure of what you really want & ask the Divine to fulfill it in the highest good of all.

  5. Take responsibility for your manifestation & work towards it

  6. Clear conflicts within yourself that could block your manifestation.

Now that you know these super easy tips to manifest, get cracking on your manifestation!

Super luck from me to you on all your future Manifestations & may Divine blessings shine bright on all of us!

If you wish to share anything or if you have anything you would like to ask, please comment below or write to me via email here.

Until then, please do Like, Love & share this blog with all your loved ones!!🌷

Lots of Love & Stars,



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