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Happy Healing with Lotus Flower Power Therapy!

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I never knew this, but you should - Lotus flowers are not known to be God’s favourite for no reason. Read along to know the healing prowess one of the first flowers holds!

Many of us know that the mind, body, and spirit are one unit and all that we experience as a human is registered by each cell in our body, for as they say, "We may not remember it, but our body does!"

But there’s one life lesson I learned from Dr. Rupa Shah: every disease comes for a lesson, so learning and transcending is the way to go!

We are not victims; we are a part of our story! So, we don’t fight it but ask for guidance - what is it that we have to learn from this disease or issue and just listen to the answer that comes.

In fact, there is a special connection between us and the Lotus. We are all spiritual beings here in Maya, the illusion of this physical reality being the truth of our lives, and yet our spiritual self remains untouched… The Lotus too grows in the mud, and yet its beauty is unmatched, and it's the most pure flower that reaches the feet of the Divine!

And as I write this, I can only think of the beautiful message the lotus gives us -

Once you know who you really are, no matter the negativity that unfortunately surrounds you, it cannot affect the essence of your inner purity.

I hope this gives you the inspiration it gives me!

But how do you connect with its healing energies? Is it like bach flowers where the flowers are processed? But I was surprised when Dr. Shah said it isn’t taken by crushing or plucking the flowers. Rather, it's a technology unique to Dr. Shah where the flower is unharmed, yet its healing powers are absorbed, as each flower vibrates a healing energy and its bio photons are absorbed by water, as water remembers! Water has memory, and various studies have shown how water absorbs our messages, like the famous study by Dr. Emoto. What’s more fascinating is that you don’t need to use these remedies lifelong, as once our body gets the required programming with the flower's healing energies, it stays for life, so there's no dependence!

But why does an MBBS doctor recommend this? Dr. Shah shares how we are made of the same five elements like any other thing in nature, so why shouldn’t we receive what Nature has to offer, for there's plenty, like the lotus flowers!

So, the next time we face health issues, let's go the natural way and heal with the gentle yet powerful lotus flowers!

If you’d like to know more about Lotus flower remedies with Dr. Shah, watch the entire masterclass here

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