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Beyond Planets, The Karma of Love in Astrology!

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Holaaa Peoples!!

Astrology! And with this word, you are transported to a world of planets, zodiac signs and much more!

But I always thought of astrology with just planets and the general fears I’ve heard people having around Sade sati, negative effects of shadow planets, etc but with Upma ji I realised karma is a big platter and all that we experience in our lives is an intricate interplay between our past karmas and our present actions and that is how our future is. This is the beautiful dance of destiny and free will in our lives and today, I’ll let you in a world of one of the simplified ways you can understand astrology in relation to love with my experience on her call at The Mystic Lotus Awesome! Choose Love Summit 2023 where she spoke about the Karma of Love!

When we look at relationships, the planet Mars is what we represent & our partner is represented by Venus.

But what’s Karma here?

All of us have been on earth before this and quoting the Holy book of Bhagavad Gita, stating;

“As a person sheds worn-out garments and wears new ones, likewise, at the time of death, the soul casts off its worn-out body and enters a new one.”

  • Chapter 2, Verse 22

Our soul has been here before, performed actions out of which some were good and some were not so favourable and those actions reflect in our horoscope through the blessings and negative effects of planetary positions respectively.

And like Upma-ji rightfully shares, our first relationship is with the planets and when we work on our relationship with planets, we improve our relationships with others. So, let's work on making these 9 friends that will stay with us not just in this life but for many more to come!

Each house in a vedic astrology horoscope holds various meanings and the unique connection they make with the 12 signs and 9 planets (including 2 shadow planets) is our unique Id in this Universe! This is what tells us what we’re supposed to do in this life, whom we would meet and shows almost every detail about our entire journey of a lifetime screenshotted in a box!

If you wish to know more about about each house - click here.

Not just this, I actually got to know something really interesting, Moon is the planet (it is considered a planet in vedic astrology) rules over our food choices too, not just our emotions (if you didn’t know about the connection between Moon & emotions, click here to check out our earlier blog here )

For example, If moon makes a connection with Venus in our chart, we tend to enjoy cold food and sweets. Click here to know more

Now that we know about the important role that karma plays in our lives and relationships, there are remedies to help us to ease our problems as they impact different areas of our lives and the intermingling karmic blocks we have. And there’s this one remedy I find the simplest to do because it isn’t time consuming and doesn’t require much effort [great for lazy people like me ;)] and here it goes, take water, add 3 strands of saffron in it and let it sit for some time until the water takes the colour of saffron and hey, with this you’ve started work to balance 3 planets in your horoscope! (Moon representing water and Jupiter and Sun both representing Saffron) and by consuming it in different parts of the day, we do balance other planets too!

Astrology, mars, venus, moon, jupiter, saturn, rahu ketu, astro, vedic astro, vedic astrolgy as science,astrological remedies

I have personally been trying this remedy for a week and I can see noticeable changes in my emotions and I have slowly started to approach things more optimistically which is a huge win-win for me as I know this will bring much greater shifts with time!

Please do try it and experience the magic in days!

To know more such remedies for relationships, watch this video and grab the treasure of her knowledge! Click here to watch it

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Lots of Love, Light & Stars,



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