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Love & Health Tele Summit 2022

Highlights from the Call

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3 Personal sessions

(45 to 60 minutes each)


• 1 month support
• 6 months remote healing -
Eliminate negative emotions
Receive breakthrough
Fulfilling relationship


@ INR 15,000 / US$ 225 • 69% OFF



Manifest Your Life Partner Workshop


• 1 month support
• 6 months remote healing -
Eliminate negative emotions
Receive breakthrough
Fulfilling relationship


@ INR 3,500 / US$ 53 • 91% OFF



 1 Personal session 

(75 to 90 minutes)


• 1 month support
• 6 months remote healing -
Eliminate negative emotions
Receive breakthrough
Fulfilling relationship


@ INR 9,000 / US$ 135 • 72% OFF


Amazing Results of Shabnam's Infinity Healing

Tarek Bibi, the founder of Infinity Healing found his soulmate 
after just one healing session with Shabnam!

Divya was looking for someone for a long time. After one session with Shabnam, she found her match during the pandemic lockdown!

AG, 34, was looking for a partner since she was 24 and after just one session with Shabnam found her life partner in a few months! 

What is Infinity Healing?

Infinity Healing is one of the most powerful healing modalities in the world. It connects you to your infinite self and to Source / God / Universe, and clears beliefs, emotions, karma, fears… on all levels (past lives, genetic, ancestral, collective consciousness). It is a result-based modality, works like a turbo and leaves one wonderstruck by the speed with which it acts. It helps people achieve and manifest their hearts’ desires with ease and grace. It is an all- inclusive healing program, which creates miracles. 
Infinity Healing has changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide. No matter what challenges you have, Infinity Healing will help you to transmute them permanently and replace them with what is for your highest good. Infinity Healing facilitates inner transformation, and will help you transcend your emotional and psychological blocks at the core level. In an instant you will release years of pain and problems to live life miraculously!

​Infinity Healing involves the use of some of the best modalities and healing energies and the rest is left to Source to decide what is to be done. Healing is done by Source, who is the ultimate healer. During Infinity Healing you are connected directly to Source and being worked on for the areas that require healing. The Infinity Healer holds space for you to undergo the transformation and his/her ego does not come in the way of the healing. That is why Infinity Healing is so powerful


Infinity Healing can be used for issues in areas of life purpose / career, relationships, money, health

This simple technique has helped over a million people all over the world in many ways including:

· Manifesting financial abundance

· Manifesting a soulmate

· Saving their marriage

· Manifesting their perfect job

· Healing childhood trauma

· and so much more...

What Happens in an Infinity Healing
Personal Session with Shabnam

★ Connect to source

★ Balance the left and right brain, divine masculine and feminine, mind, body and soul

★ A process to keep you in your heart space and not in the mind

★ Body/chakra scan to feel where the body is holding on to dense energies and

★ place them with a high loving frequency

★ Work on the core challenge and set it on autopilot

★ Includes a miraculous manifestation process

★ Includes a process to expand your loving energy to the whole universe

★ Full system upgrade, cleansing

★ All chakras aligned

★ Grounding

★ Clear limiting beliefs, programs, perceptions and perspectives

★ Download love based beliefs from source

About Shabnam Johry


Shabnam Johry is an Infinity Healer, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Trainer. In the past 17 years, she has helped people gain clarity of purpose and set goals, gain self-confidence, rout away guilt and fears, resolve relationship issues, get rid of negative traits (like laziness, procrastination, inferiority complex), control anger, stress, and worries. Shabnam also has vast knowledge of healing modalities like  Grace Healing, Regenerate Healing and Infinity Healing, Reiki that helps her customise her sessions for each client to achieve results at a faster pace. Her Infinity Healing sessions have made people attain their dream careers, earn well and attract romantic soulmates by helping them transcend their blocks at the core level.

Dr Shabnam is also a Mixed Media artist. She infuses her artwork with healing and positive emotions like love, joy and peace to create personalised ‘Energy Paintings’. Through group workshops, she also coaches people on building life through art.

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